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DisasterAWARE Provides Data of Disasters From Over 40,000 Media Sources

We utilize information technology to help us know what’s happening around the world at all times. Media sources give us reports on all types of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, shootings, and conflicts around us. It’s with these kinds of reports that businesses depend on to secure their employees, operations, and reputation.

One organization has created software that combines all the said information into one platform. That organization is DisasterAWARE, and their product involves gathering data of geopolitical and natural hazards. These include man-made disasters like terrorism, active shooters, political conflicts, cybercrime, civil unrest, combats, and accidents. 

The technology behind DisasterAWARE

The platform provides access to more than 40,000 media sources around the world and gives detailed accounts of events. This information gives them a full picture of dangers they might face during their operations. Aside from that, users can also read answers to questions about the nature, location, and severity of the event. 

DisasterAWARE applies AI capabilities and enhanced algorithms to create an analysis of social and economic effects of disasters in an area. These analyses include estimations of the cost of damages as well as the number of people affected from the disaster.

The platform comes with a heatmap which offers a worldwide, real-time coverage of events taken from media sources that show up as “stories”. Thanks to its capabilities of automatically and quickly analyzing recent news, the heatmap shows hotspot locations of the events.

DisasterAWARE is available on a wide array of devices such as PC, smartphones, and tablets. There’s also the option to use it offline. With this, users can gain access to traffic cameras, as well as import custom data. The program offers a free trial if you want to try it out yourself.

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Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Austin Distel. All other images shown are owned by DisasterAWARE and were provided for press usage.
Sources: PR Newswire (DisasterAWARE)

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