General Differences between Real and Online Casinos with Highest Payout in Canada


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Smartphones and generally better access to the Internet around the world have made online casinos quite popular. This branch of entertainment started to spread rapidly, especially in the parts of the world where gambling laws are more liberal, like Denmark, Malta, Curacao, etc. Moreover, the recent pandemic brought about a fresh influx of new users as the searches for online casinos were at an all-time high during the lockdown. So, does all of this mean that land-based casinos will be pushed out of the market?

Of course not. Land-based casinos still have their perks, and people very much enjoy spending time here. In fact, both online and brick-and-mortar casinos have their own unique charms or their own flaws. Here we will go over these general differences between real and online casinos in Canada.

Outfit choice

This is not one of the things that immediately come to mind when comparing online and land-based casinos, but there really is a big difference in this regard. Sure there are no dress codes exactly when we talk about gambling institutions. However, chances are you would dress differently when visiting one of the most opulent casinos and a regular gambling joint. Moreover, there is nothing stopping you from playing in your pajamas while you are playing in an online casino.

Now it’s worth mentioning that there are occasions when you would want to look your best even when playing online. You might be participating in a live game, and those can be really fun. So, it’s not strange for people to wear formal clothing while playing in an online casino.

Online payout casinos vs. local economy

The big difference in the case of Canada is where the money will ultimately end up. You see, land-based casinos are legal in Canada, and they are regulated by the state. Moreover, the local business owners are in charge of those casinos. This means that by spending money there, you are actually supporting your local economy.

Online gambling parlors, on the other hand, are not completely legalized in Canada. That being said, you are still allowed to play online and pay the foreign operator. In fact, all of the highest payout online casino Canada platforms with fast withdrawal methods are actually not based in Canada. They are either in Malta or some other country where online gambling is legal, but they are optimized for Canadian players. All of this means you can play slots, roulette, or poker on these sites, and you will have no trouble claiming your winnings.

Slot game selection

This difference is somewhat universal and not only limited to casinos in Canada. Although brick-and-mortar institutions can be very spacious and accommodate a lot of players at the same time, they can’t really compare to server space. Meaning it’s entirely possible for more players to be active on a gambling site than in a physical casino. This also means that the number of games that can be available is vastly different.

Think about it, each table and slot machine takes up physical space, and there needs to be enough room for a bar and a reception table, etc. However, a well-established site will always have more diverse gaming options. There are lots of real money casinos with a large selection of slot machines and other casino games like video poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. They team up with multiple software developers and can offer more than 2000 games, each somewhat unique in their own right.

The amount of money you can spend

When we think of the expenses, a land-based casino seems to be more expensive. If you add up the cost of getting there, or maybe buying a drink while you play, it becomes really hard to think of it as a budget-friendly option. Online casinos are actually marketed as more cost-friendly but are that really the case? There is one key difference between the time you have before spending additional cash.

You see, in a physical gambling parlor, you need to go back to the teller and even stand in line before you can buy additional chips. Meaning, there is plenty of time to cool off your head and back off if you feel you are overspending. This is not the case with online gambling, as refilling your account is quite easy, and the game dynamic is faster.

Stock prices

Another big difference is casino stock prices. Although there are more people who are playing online and spend a lot on those sites, the stock market casino platforms aren’t doing better compared to land-based ones. There are multiple reasons for this, of course. First of all, luxurious casinos are also hotels or resting resorts and get their revenue from more sources. Also, there is a big structure and a piece of land attached to it. So even if the casino closes down, there is still value in the establishment alone.

For these reasons, the best casino stock to buy is the ones that belong to corporations that own resorts or gaming properties. The online market is way more competitive when you think about it. You need to compete with multiple foreign providers, and some of them had a massive head start.


Finally, there are major differences in bonuses or player incentives. Both types of institutions offer them, no doubt, but online casinos really knock it out of the park. These are sites that don’t have as many overheads as land-based establishments. Moreover, they need to compete with other sites, so bonuses are pretty much one of the best ways to attract new players.

Still, online casinos need to spend a lot of money on marketing efforts, which doesn’t exactly mean they can cut down on incentives. When a potential new user lands on their platform, they only have a small time frame to convince them to make an account.

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Source: Alex Homer (BBC) / Debra Shigley (Forbes) / Loopx / Frankie Wilde (Frankie News) / Matthew Johnston (Investopedia)

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