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TU Delft Tests Swarm Intelligence with Their Zebro Robots [Video]

We love getting news from the University of Technology in Delft. It’s a place where smart people sit together and build genuinely interesting innovation. They are well known for their work on Design Thinking and other creative methods but this time we wanted to feature their Zebro swarm robots from the robotics team there.

Inspired by RHex, the rough terrain robot designed by Boston Dynamics, the team at TU Delft is using a similar hexapod platform to test their swarm robotics technology. While they explicitly state that they did not invent this kind of design, it’s still impressive looking but the focus here should be the swarm “intelligence”, the interactions of the Zebro individuals with each other and researching biomimicry for improved efficiency.

YouTube: TU Delft – Zebro, de zespotige looprobot

Photo credit: L. Botos, Zebro Team 2018, project website by M. Otten, TU Delft

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