Defiance 2050: A Remake Worth Checking Out


The wait is finally over. Defiance 2050, a free-to-play, third-person co-op shooter and MMORPG hybrid, has now been released globally. The game, published by Trion Worlds is a re-make and expansion of their 2012 game Defiance, which costed money at first but later also became free-to-play.

The original game received mixed reviews, the current release is seemingly primed to put on a repeat performance, and the Syfy Defiance show ended years ago.

Gameplay in Defiance 2050

As with the earlier game, players avatars are known as ark hunters, post-apocalyptic treasure hunters who place themselves in harm’s way tracking down alien relics and technology for cash.

Character customization is somewhat shallow relative to other MMOs. Characters can be human or can alternatively be from one of four alien races. Subsequently, facial and physical customization can be made to create a preferred look. There are four different character classes, each with their own specializations and abilities. These are Assault, Assassin, Guardians and Combat Medics. The chosen race and gender does not have an impact on how the game plays out. Class, however, does.


In the original game, classes would determine starting skills and initial gear. The game featured a grid-like skill tree wherein players could progress in a manner wherein a large number of skills from other classes could be learned. Theoretically, a character could acquire skills from all other classes.

Defiance 2050, on the other hand,  pushes a stronger emphasis on specialization. The game’s skill tree is similar to that of more traditional role-playing games like World of Warcraft and Diablo where each class has unique abilities and play differently. Players level up initial skills and eventually unlock higher skill tiers.

Smooth play, good co-op, way better visuals

As with other similar games, the classes add a bit of depth to the game. The classes are able to take on specific abilities and roles more fully with tech trees and skills designed to suit particular play styles. The original game had no class limitations on players, hence team play did not seem as refined.

Players still could choose whatever weapon they wanted. Assault class characters, for example,  are not limited to using assault weapons. This allows players more leeway in adjusting how they play. Defiance 2050  has so far, managed to create a diverse set of specializations making games more dynamic.

The game plays smoothly. As advertised, the game is built for the current generation of consoles like the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game is built to run on 64-bit machines and can put up a clean 60 fps on PCs.

Gameplay is pretty smooth and fluid. Moving through the environments and engaging enemy AI did not feel clunky. Though the servers have experienced a number of hiccups since the release, a couple of days ago.

Remake is more or less the same, with some adjustments

For all intents and purposes, Defiance 2050 is a remake. That said, its predecessor’s shadow looms over it. Major game components such as story, character powers, and gameplay mechanics are solidly in place. For better or worse looks, feels, and plays just like the original game.


On a less favorable note, the game has ruffled some feathers with players of the original. As it stands Defiance 2050 is currently a stripped down version of the first Defiance. It feels closer to the latter’s vanilla but with better visuals. Some longstanding fans are disappointed that they will be unable to bring a significant amount of their progress, gear, and cosmetic upgrades for what is more or less the same game.

In spite of all the hype, the game, and its developers have managed to ostracize a noticeable chunk of their original fanbase. On the bright side, the devs still have a lot of time to make it up with their fans by releasing new content. The game just launched, after all.

Overall, the game still does have appeal, especially to those who are fans of futuristic shooter / MMORPG titles. Is this going to be as successful as a game like Warframe? Probably not. Is it still worth trying out? Definitely.

YouTube: Defiance 2050 – Official Launch Trailer

Photo Credit: All material used is owned by Trion Worlds.

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Our rating is based on the fact that this is a free-to-play title which has just been released. You can definitely spend some good hours with this refreshing MMO shooter and we are looking forward to seeing even more content coming in, hopefully soon.Defiance 2050: A Remake Worth Checking Out