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CyArk 500: How to Preserve Our History with Technology

Today’s web environment is all about innovating, breaking the boundaries and bringing in front an extraordinary, high quality experience for all end users out there. This is what the CyArk 500 summit was designed to offer in the first place, a location where speakers can talk about the power of today’s web, how companies can grow it, what technologies can bring in front and so on.

The summit ended recently and it managed to bring in front, once again, the unique environment offered by today’s web and how it will evolve in the future.

As always, it was the speakers that brought in front the uniqueness of this entire experience, and Layla Salih from Iraq, a representative of relations and media from the Ministry of Tourism in her country brought in front the need for a better, more cohesive web environment as well as a need for more focus on preserving what we already have and know on this world.

A similar approach was taken by Francesco Bandarin, which is a professor of urban planning and conservation at the university of Venice. He showcased the need to build a heritage and conserve the culture, all while nurturing what’s truly important in today’s society.

Resilience through Innovation: Countering escalating threats to our cultural heritage by rethinking preservation through digital technology.

Some other important presences at the CyArk 500 were Dr Stefan Weber, as well as Barbara Schneider-Kempf that brought in front the need of conserving as well as improving the way people think about architecture, library management and they also showcased the role of technology in these amazing fields as a whole.

Aside from them, many of the other speakers present at this event focused a lot on the importance of technology in today’s society, how it affects the current economy and at the same time how tech can improve some of the regions in the world that have a poor living standard. For some attendees, the most touching moment was when Barbara Kacyra, one of the founding members of CyArk took the microphone and started to talk about the positive ways technology has used in order to change our life, and that is truly interesting to say the least.

Some of the other stellar attendees were Zhang Xinyu, Christoph Kremer, Rohit Jigyasu, Adrian Ferrier, Doctor David Mitchell, Morehshin Allahyari and Douglas Pritchard, all of which tried to showcase the web from their own perspective.

Maybe the best thing for me when it comes to CyArk 500 is seeing the unseen faces of media, understanding how technology is evolving and the interesting way that our life is changing unlike never before. With CyArk 500, we managed to get a unique insight into the tech of tomorrow, all while paying homage to the older days. All in all, this was an emotional, exciting experience and one that we can hopefully repeat next year.

Photo credit: ESD-SS

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