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We all love to put logos or tags to our favorite personal belongings; from our planners, mugs, books and anything that we use every day. We all enjoy buying name stickers or keychain tags that dangle around. But sadly they do not last that long because they tend to be lost and erased from being attached to our favorite personal stuff. Muherz, a company from Taiwan developed Cubiio, a portable laser that we could bring along with us whenever we go.

There are a lot of possible things or materials you can engrave on or cut through using Cubiio. From paper, wood, leather, and even food! Cubiio by Muherz is perfect for personalized gifts and also good for business if you are into personalizing gifts as it could instantly engrave a clients’ preferred design directly to the item. Below is the list of materials you can work on using Cubiio. Note that Cubiio won’t work on white, transparent or highly reflective materials though.

Cubiio Prototypes
Cubiio Prototypes

Cubiio is a portable laser engraver that could engrave almost on anything. It is designed to be sleek and convenient for personal and even business use. It is safe to use and can be operated using a mobile application on any smartphone. It only weighs about 150 grams and a compact size of 5 cm. It comes with safety goggles to protect the user, but still, they recommend you not to look at the laser while it is operating.

More features

  • Lasering Indication – you will see a bright LED light which indicates that Cubiio is operating.
  • Password Lock – This feature is for safety reason just in case a child or unauthorized person gets their hands on the device. They will be restricted to use Cubiio.
  • Overheat Shutdown – Cubiio automatically shuts itself off if the heat threshold is reached.
  • Motion Detection – If in case the device gets knock down, it shut itself down to prevent further accident.
  • CubiioShield – created to protect the device if in case it falls or knocked over accidentally. It comes in 3 colors gold, red or black.


Material Engrave Cut
Paper Board Yes 0.9 mm
Cardboard Yes 1.8 mm
Fabric Yes 0.3 mm
Felt Yes 2.0 mm
Leather Yes 0.7 mm
Wood Yes 1.5 mm
Non-transparent Acrylic Yes No
Metal No No


Geeky and artsy and cool

This device is a perfect match for people who like to deal with arts and crafts. It will make your work efficient and easy. It will save you time with creating complex projects specifically for parties, events and other special events that require complicated designs. Below is the device specification of Cubiio.

Cubiio Examples
Examples of what you can do

 Device specification

Weight 1.3 kg. (150 grams laser module only)
Laser Source 1600 mW OSRAM 450 nm blue laser with a lifetime estimation of 10000 hours
Laser Output 100 level adjustable
Finishing Anodized aluminum
Filter Active Charcoal + Zeolite
Color Option Red, Black, Gold
Screw Mount 1/4″ – 20 UNC for standard tripods
I/O Micro SD card (FAT32)
Supported File Format G-Code and BMP
App Connection BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
App OS IOS 10+ / Android 4.4+
Laser Source Power Requirement MicroUSB DC 5V, 2A; Power bank (5V, 2A) supported, but not included
Power Input AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Operating Temperature Range  5 ℃ – 40 ℃
Operating Humidity Range 5% – 90% (non-condensing)
Certifications IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 1), CE, FCC, and FDA CDRH registered. IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 4) if laser module works without shield.


How do you like the Cubiio laser engraver? Does it catch your attention? Let us know what you think below in the comments section.

YouTube: Cubiio – The Most Compact Laser Engraver

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Muherz Inc. We received permission to use these for this article.

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