CT Gaming Introduces Casino Management System Updates at ICE 2022


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A major player in the gaming industry, CT Gaming is well known for manufacturing high-performing games, including slot machines and solutions for online and land-based institutions. The global iGaming provider, established in 2012, has an extensive portfolio of the best HTML5-based games.

According to the official press notification, CT Gaming released a new slot machine with the Diamond Tree series and the Diamond Tree jackpot. The company also made updates to its Casino Management System and revealed these releases at its stand at the 2022 ICE trade show.

That’s why the experts of the LeafletCasino service, which reviews the best payout online casinos, have prepared an analysis of the achievements of CT Gaming, which they presented at ICE 2022.

Ingenius Systems for Casino Management

CT Gaming is regularly updating its CMS to improve and enhance its functionality, to develop an extensive tool for game management and the control of casino operations. At the 2022 trade show from ICE, the provider introduced innovative new system functionalities of its CMS.

One of these functionalities is the Remote Play Solution, which bridges the gap between the standard land-based experience and the sought-after online experience. CT is one of the few gambling software developers who have this feature. The Remote Play Solution bridges the gap by allowing remote play on slot machines in land-based institutions through video streaming to provide a real live casino to the online player.

ICE Trade Show London - Next Generation Of Slot Machines - Casina Management System - CT Gaming
Image: CT Gaming

CT further implemented cash desk upgrades and user optimization to the revolutionary product to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate. This update also included multi-currency customer wallets to ensure that players can carry out stress-free transactions. Lastly, they addressed customer security fears by including a “solid security” upgrade of the system’s database to protect players’ information from exposure.

CT Gaming’s business development and strategy director, Biser Bozhanov, said that the organization takes pride in providing an extensive gaming experience that covers all aspects of contemporary gaming. He also informed the public that the newest product offering that CT Gaming launches are per the operator’s expectations.

He rounded off by ensuring players that the new games are built on a balance of previous successes, proven mathematics models, and new hardware tech to deliver advanced audio-visuals to meet growing demand.

Live Game Functionality

Another functionality added to beef up the CMS is the Rhino slot management system. It offers a full range of options to track players’ gameplay and new, improved modules for gaming with maximized functionality. It also has flexibility that allows it to be applied to a wide range of players’ needs.

Using the Rhino slot management system, operators can have full control over all the activities on slot machines and the analysis and reporting of the results. Other tools included in this latest system for excellent results in gaming houses are the loyalty program and reporting based on the players’ game.

The last functionality included in this 2022 CMS update is Flamingo, the newest management system for live games. Using Flamingo, operators would be able to monitor and manage live casino game tables in real-time. They would be able to keep track of all the aspects of the live game and the activities, including chip loading, bets, winnings, and other intricate details and complex analyses. All these features would enable the CMS to provide exhaustive and accurate details about the situation of the live tables in real-time.

Nikola Nenkov, the Regional Sales Manager at CT Gaming, announced that the latest module for popular live online casino games is fully completed and functional. He added that it is now a complete CRM system that provides easy tracking of customers and live game results.

CT Launches Upgraded Multi-Game Slot Machines

Following these updates to the CMS, CT Gaming released a new slot machine, Next, which has the latest multi-games, including the popular Diamond King series built-in. The newest slot machine with jackpot games was in the spotlight at CT’s stand at ICE. This machine combines advanced game technology and captivating game packages with ingenious design to produce exciting gameplay.

These multi-game slot machines are built using proven methods and popular game mechanics. Gamblers can already try the updates on new Australian online casinos and enjoy gameplay on these slots. There is no need to be afraid of trying out the new casinos, as the site provides the players with the reviews, and one can easily make sure it is a trusted platform.

The game provider launches Next, which offers the Diamond King series of multi games alongside the continuation of the famous Mega Jack game pack, Mega Jack 2021. The Diamond King series is a compilation of 50 games, providing players with a distinctive and enthralling adventure using a strong theme, superb visuals, and sounds, including multiple bonuses.

The Diamond King offers a jackpot in some of its titles. These game titles include 40 of the loved titles and some new ones, alongside ten titles that include the progressive Diamond Tree Jackpot.

On the other hand, the Mega Jack multi-game is a three-in-one slot title with two thrilling jackpots and 32 classic games. In this game pack, 16 titles link to the Diamond Tree series, and six titles have a connection with the Chilli Link jackpot. The classic games include popular fruit games and have various bonuses to enhance the gameplay.

A Solution for All Institutions

The continuous improvement of these systems for management would increase the possibilities of optimizing work processes and flow in gaming institutions. Thereby enhancing the overall performance of the entire staff and, in turn, improving customers’ encounters.

In a press release, Nankov mentioned that the full-suite solution the company’s CMS provided sets the system apart. This is because it offers slot machines and live game management on one platform. Therefore, operators can access compliance reporting, accounting, audits, etc., irrespective of the institution’s size.


There are lots of new and advanced technologies emerging in the gaming industry, but nothing beats live gameplay. The provider incorporates derivatives into its software using popular game mechanics that players love.

With these new multi-game slot machines, players can enjoy gameplay from a strong portfolio. In addition to that, the upgraded CMS the software developer released would make operations smoother and easier to track.

With these innovations, there is much reason to believe that CT will be back soon with better technology; we just have to wait to see what they come up with next.

YouTube: ICE London 2022 Day 1 Highlights

Photo credit: The images in this article are owned by CT Gaming and were provided as part if a press release.

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