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CrowdCurity: IT Security Bounty Hunters

Security leaks have always been a huge problem for people all over the world, with numerous hackers trying to get access to the sensitive data stored on servers. From user names and passwords to bank accounts or other important data, websites can hold a lot of important information that shouldn’t get in malicious hands. This is why lots of website owners hire security testers that help them evaluate and improve the security of their site so website visitors can have a great time while they browse, without having to worry about data leaks.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

CrowdCurity is a service that eases the job of security testers tremendously. Available at https://www.crowdcurity.com, this service was created specifically to help website owners and security experts interact with testers from all over the world in order to see if the website has any major vulnerability. Problems that can cause losses of thousands of dollars can be solved immediately at a much lower cost. What makes CrowdCurity awesome is that you post your site and the testers begin looking for flaws. If they find something and help you solve the problem, then you can pay them. You raise the bug ‘bounty’ on the issue at hand and the bounty hunters come to your aid.

This means that CrowdCurity doesn’t involve any risks, instead it just brings a great platform to work with, a platform that connects both website owners and testers. The CrowdCurity service is very rewarding and it offers you all the necessary steps to secure your website.


CrowdCurity Founder Team

What we found really interesting is that the site allows you to pay in Bitcoins, something that you can rarely see from such a service. There’s also credit card support, of course.

We also liked the fact that you have the opportunity to collaborate with the tester in order to see what exactly is wrong with the site, how major is the vulnerability and if there are any ways to fix it. Each tester has a profile on the site so you can easily see other projects he worked on, the reviews he received and so on.

CrowdCurity brings you access to the best security testers, as each one has to undergo a lot of vetting and verifications in order to be accepted on the site. This makes the platform secure, while also ensuring website owners that their site will be analyzed by a professional.

Tons of websites from all over the world have used and still use CrowdCurity up to this day, as only through it they can receive the best results.

The major strength of CrowdCurity stands in its power to connect the professionals with people that actually need their expertise. Through this service thousands of websites have increased their security and protected the site data. CrowdCurity is definitely a service that you need to use if you own a website and want to make it more secure, so go ahead and visit their site to find out more info about it. This is a great example on how crowdsourcing can not only help to finance a startup but have other spaces in the operations of an organisation. We like it!

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