Crossout: Build Your Battle Ride and Buckle Up


Crossout is a free-to-play title that lets you build your own car and battle other players and AI alike in large maps. Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games market the game as MMO action game but personally, I don’t think 8-on-8 qualifies to be a massively multiplayer online game. If you can accept that, you can have a lot of fun with this game.

You start with a default car and get walked through a tutorial not unlike what you get when playing free-to-play games on your mobile. With every battle you go through you can win parts for your combat vehicle and resources to craft your own parts. What you can build is up to your standing with a variety of factions in the game. A classic gameplay mechanic – you play, you learn, you get better parts, more reputation, better parts, and always stronger enemies to contest with.

Matching with other players

I found that new players are extremely well introduced to the game. At first, you fight only with AI players in your team and the opposing team. You win a couple of times without even realizing that those are not human players. You get the opportunity to back to your garage and change your default vehicle into your own design before you move into the evil PvP world out there.


Shortly after, your own team will gain some human players while still fighting against an all-AI enemy team. Then, the enemy team as well will get some human players later on. This is the moment when you eventually start losing a match but you’ll already be hooked to continue. I found that the player matching was well-implemented. New players are not discouraged by facing overpowered flying tank vehicles that won’t even get scratched by your default machine guns.

No campaign but still good fun

There isn’t much of a story attached to Crossout but you’ll quickly feel the rush of gathering parts and modifying your vehicles. You change something, try it out, change it again, lose in battle, put the part somewhere else, and eventually find a good configuration and win.

You can also trade all the parts you find with other players from all around the world or scrap them for resources. Can’t manage to fulfill a mission on your own? Join a clan or create your own for more fun. Not yet sure if Crossout is the right game for you? Well, it’s a free game so you can try it out and play it just like that and see for yourself. It’s available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

About Targem Games

Targem was established in 2002, with the goal of bringing high-quality online entertainment to players worldwide. The studio’s portfolio includes the MMO Action games Star Conflict and Crossout and many other titles for PC, consoles and mobile devices.

About Gaijin Entertainment

Gaijin Entertainment is the developer and publisher of the online games War Thunder, Crossout and Star Conflict as well as PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android titles across several genres. The company’s diverse portfolio has received a range of mass media and game industry awards including such as KRI Awards, Gamescom Award and many more.

YouTube: Crossout Gameplay Video and Review [No Commentary]

Photo credit: Gaijin Entertainment / Targem Games
Editorial notice: We tested on Xbox One. The about-text was provided as part of a press release.

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