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If your office is less of a hive of activity than it could be, then there could be several reasons for this. Poor management, lack of employee engagement, a high turnover of staff or lack of skills can all contribute to a less than productive environment. The good news is that it can be turned around. Read on to find out some of the problems your team might be suffering from, and how to get the work back into the workplace.


Scores of studies show that a happy workforce is a busier workforce, and recognising this can be the first step to more motivated employees. Latest research from the University of Warwick found happiness made people around 12% more productive. You might not be in the position to hand out a raise, but even small gestures can make a big difference. Try offering reward schemes, and free perks such as gym membership, but don’t forget that each member of your staff is an individual. Take time to listen to their concerns, and reward those who show promise with greater responsibilities.

Poor Hardware

If your computers are slow, then they might not be functioning as they should and slowing productivity. Make sure that workers are scheduling in time to run de-fragging programmes, clean up their desktops and empty their recycle bins to help prevent the slowing of machines. You should also regularly audit your IT through your IT department to flag up issues and repair them. If your computers are over five years old, then new ones will perform better and faster, so if capital allows, it’s a worthwhile investment.


Unfortunately, the trend for open offices results in noisy offices, and this can be a major distraction for workers. If possible, allow for some home working or make sure that employees have a quiet place to go for concentrated tasks such as resolving problems.

Worker Discomfort

If your workforce are slumped over their desks, then take a good look at their chairs. The majority of offices are equipped with poorly designed office furniture, leading to poor posture, back pain and neck strain, which all detract from working on tasks. Better concentration can be achieved by sitting up straight and comfortably so it’s worth investing in ergonomic chairs and desks.  All reliable office supply specialists will recommend ergonomic chairs and workstations that are fully adjustable for the user.

Lack of Team Work

Allowing employees to work together always improves results, especially in the case of resolving problems. 5 people of an average IQ working together are far more likely to come up with solutions that 1 person of above average IQ. Team work also fosters feelings of responsibility for colleagues, and motivates staff to succeed.

Unachievable Goals

Goals and targets are motivating, but only if you don’t keep moving the goalposts. If a worker consistently reaches their targets, don’t keep expecting more and more by creating larger ones. This results only in stress and despondency, and ultimately unhappiness with the work.

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Bill Turner is an entrepreneur and family man. He is the proud owner of 2 Yorkies and enjoys taking them on strolls on the beach front of South England.

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