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Create Your Own Civilization in Amplitude’s New Game ‘HUMANKIND’

During GamesCom 2019, Sega introduced Amplitude Studios’ magnum opus game called HUMANKIND and it has immediately been named the most anticipated strategy game. Since then, the game has released an exclusive demo for Stadia that ran for seven days and has initially been scheduled to come out on April 22, 2021.

However, Amplitude‘s Creative Director and Studio Head Romain de Waubert de Genlis announced the postponement of the game’s launch to August 17, 2021. Seeing the feedback from the players during the “OpenDev” phase, he shared that “Players have always been at the core of Amplitude philosophy and releasing HUMANKIND in August will give us extra time to continue working with the community and polishing the game for a great first-day experience.”

Image: Amplitude Studios

What can be expected from HUMANKIND?

In its latest press release, Amplitude Studios said that the full version of HUMANKIND will have 60 different historical cultures that can be combined to create a unique civilization. The developer shared that not only can the combination of those cultures come up with over 1 million different combinations, but its avatar customization also provides an almost endless number of options to choose from.

Custom avatars will also evolve along with the civilization in HUMANKIND. Players will be able to choose from over 122 customized costumes and over 10,000 in-game voice lines. The choices players make in 150 narrative events will further diversify players and civilizations from each other, especially during a game with ten people in.

Image: Amplitude Studios

Aside from that, player milestones and historical moments will be highlighted by one of 700 unique illustrations. The developers also shared that players can expect 129 different units to see 10 highly detailed biomes. The biome will be home to HUMANKIND’s 45 different animal species kept in the wilderness.

As for music, players will be treated to a 13-hour sound landscape, featuring over 1,300 sound files. The music producer for HUMANKIND Arnaud Roy has 280 songs for the players to enjoy. That’s worth a 520-minute soundtrack, performed by 63 individual musicians and 20 choral singers.

Image: Amplitude Studios

HUMANKIND announced the game’s release for Stadia, Steam, and Epic Games Store and is now available for pre-order. Starting August 17, the game will also be available for Microsoft Xbox Game Pass.

YouTube: HUMANKIND™ – The Scale of Humankind

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