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Coyo: Enterprise Collaboration Solution from Hamburg

Enterprise social networks and collaboration tools are becoming very important nowadays and with more and more tools at your disposal, you can easily understand why integrating this type of apps is a very good idea. But Coyo, from Hamburg in Germany, manages to stand out because aside from being a very good productivity tool, it also features collaboration and other stuff that makes it stand out even when compared to Jive or any other similar product.

Each person that is a part of a productivity team will be able to create his/her own page and also interact with others. You can see the status of your colleagues at any given time, you can interact with them and if you want you also get the opportunity to share workspaces and complete daily tasks. You can add in your own tasks or complete the ones created by others, it all comes down to you!

As you can expect, Coyo is filled with great collaboration features. You have a news feed where you can find all the news that pertain to your business and you can also see a variety of pages created by your colleagues. You can find out more about them and also create connections that will help boost productivity. It’s nice to see that the app does integrate a dedicated workspace and apps because these do allow you to obtain incredible results and the experience is great!

Coyo-Social-Enterprise-Collaboration-App-Mobile-ScreenshotsCoyo also provides messaging and video, stuff that you do need if you want to better complete the tasks at hand. And since you have the ability to share the same calendar with your colleagues, you have the ability to pursue tasks and also help your colleagues complete your content a lot faster.

You can even search for specific tasks and ideas or duties, not to mention that the mobile support is very good and it does deliver an immense value. The plugin support is an exciting addition and it does show the attention to detail that the developers have which is what matters the most in the end.

However, you also get complete customization and a great attention to detail which in the end does help you modify the app to suit the needs of your company. This is maybe the best thing about Coyo, but the interface as well as the many social features does allow it to compete with Jive.

Not all companies use a tool like Coyo and that is unfortunate because the ROI you can get from here is huge and well worth your time. This is the main reason why you should check out this extraordinary app. Integrate it properly and you might be able to take your business to new heights. All you have to do is to make sure that it’s suitable for your industry which it most likely is and once you are there the outcome will be astonishing.

Don’t hesitate and be the first to access the possibilities of an intranet combined with a social network. Coyo is all of that and so much more, so just give it a try!


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