Corner the Market with These Underutilized Advertising Methods


When you want to make your business known across the land, you need to be willing to think outside the box. There are many underutilized advertising methods that will bring customers to your business, but you must be willing to invest in them. The four methods listed below are memorable, and they can help your business become the business in the area that is known for using these techniques.

Buses and Trains

Your area likely has a municipal transit system. The buses and trains in the system carry advertisements all the time, but only a few businesses use these buses and trains for advertising. You must get your advertisements on the buses and trains because the people who ride these buses and trains will see the ads every day. The people drive behind the buses will see the ads every day, and customers will remember your business as the one they saw on the bus.


Aerial Ads

When you invest in aerial ads, you are making a statement to the rest of the community. These aerial ads will reach a large group of people easily, and the plane can say in the air for several hours as it circles the city. Your business will be known as the business that uses the aerial ads, and people will congregate on the street to watch the plane as it flies overhead. It is a very unique form of marketing that is underutilized by businesses, which will make your ads stand out.


The Back of the Phone Book

The back of the phone book is often the only part of the phone book people see. No one truly needs a phone book anymore, but those books are delivered every year. When people receive their phone books, they will notice the ad on the back more than anything else. Your ads inside the phone book will be lost, but that glossy back cover of the phone book is a great place to advertise your business.


Car Graphics

Car graphics are a great way to advertise your business. You can have graphics put on your personal vehicle if you run your own business. You can have graphics put on all the cars in your fleet, and you can include your contact information on the graphics. Every car on the road will see the graphics, and they will remember you if you choose a unique color or color combination.


When you use the four rarely used advertising items above, you can find a niche where people will remember your business because of its unique advertising.

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Bonnie Mahan is the owner of, a leader in aerial banners.

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