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How to Create a Collage Poster with Your Instagram Photos

A photo is always a great wall decoration, a perfect gift and a great way to preserve a memory. But, nowadays, with all the different technologies, modern requests, one does not settle with a simple old picture on a wall. We want more. More of what, you might ask. More photos, more fun, more attention, more of everything. And the simple way to have more of everything when it comes to pictures is collage. There are a lot of sites that provide us with that kind of service, among them even Instagram itself, and they all basically work similarly. And here are some simple steps toward your perfect collage.

Instagram Crop

Picking from a Pile

The first step is, of course, choosing photos worthy of taking spots in your collage. Decide what is its  basic theme. Is it family, friendship, love, nature? Build it around a central idea, or choose one photo that will be its focal point. It is a good idea when making a collage that there is some cohesive relation between the photos. But, that shouldn’t stop you to be creative with selecting. Look at your “pile” of photos on screen and pick those that fulfill you with pride and provoke emotion.

Finding the Right Site

As mentioned before, there are a lot of sites that are used for collage making, and almost every photo editor online is giving you that possibility. One of the distinction in which you should pay attention is the possibility of printing posters online. If not, it should also be an option of downloading the file into PDF or jpg format. Once you’ve found the appropriate site, it’s time to create magic.

Batch of Photos Pile

The Basics

Keeping in mind that most of these collage making tools work similarly, with small or non differences, it is enough to explain the basics of the crafting process. First, you’ll be offered to choose a layout, which comes to choices like A3 poster, A4, cube, etc. For a more abstract look, there are options that offer different sizes and order of images. After that, it’s time to upload photos. In short time, your collage will be ready. The next is to download it or decide for the printing online option. It’s a piece of cake. Just follow the simple instructions, and everything will work like a charm.


Based on the central idea of your collage, and the purpose (wall décor, birthday gift, etc) and your personal taste, choose the right colors for the backing that will compliment your photos. For keeping it simple, choose black or white. If you decide to hang your piece of art on the wall, consider the color of your wall and how will it look when hanged. As for further personalizing your digital collage, you can by yourself arrange the photos manually. Many of internet tools have a filter option, so you can even add some cool effects, filters or borders, to make it more fun.

Get creative with your Instagram snaps. You definitely won’t regret once you see the results. Picture collage is a perfect way for decorating an empty wall space, and at the same time it’s a great for bragging about your skills as an insta photographer.

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Photo credit: Zoë Hoornaert

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