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Clarity: Your On-Demand Business Advisors

Most of us want to lose the 9 to 5 jobs and start our own business, but being an entrepreneur is not as easy as you would expect. It requires a lot of commitment, work and documentation that might not be available at all times. In addition to that, you have to create business strategies and, most of the times, you will need some guidance as well.

Clarity - Flat Icon_Logo - Blue Transparent High Quality Large ResolutionThis is why some great entrepreneurs have developed Clarity. This is a marketplace that was created in order to help the entrepreneurs in need of help by providing them with complete access to tips and ideas that are provided directly by experts in the industry they want to work in.

In Clarity you can find answers to everything, from how and where to learn a specialized skill to getting the best strategic business advices that you need, how to create a professional market research or how you can bring the best marketing on the market.

The main idea with Clarity is that you join the service, then start scheduling a call with one of the community experts that you can find. Most of these experts will have a certain availability on the site, and this is why you have to check that out before scheduling the call. The expert will have to respond in 3 days, otherwise the request will become invalid and thus it will expire.

Clarity Business Consulting Advisory App Screenshot Example HomeIf the expert responds and everything is ok, the appointment will be confirmed and thus you just need to block the calendar then prepare the questions and topics that you want to talk about with him. The best thing about Clarity is definitely the fact that you can invite up to 8 more people in the same call, so your whole team can talk with the expert in order to get valuable insight in regards to the company’s goals and endeavors.

As you would expect, each expert comes with a certain rate per minute of call, so you just have to enter on time, talk with the expert and then pay him for the necessary amount of minutes.

Just like a freelancing site, Clarity enables entrepreneurs to rate and review the expert after the whole experience is over, a great thing to do since it makes it easy for future clients to see how valuable the insight of that particular expert can really be.

In conclusion, Clarity is one of the most interesting solutions on the market. You might see it as a freelancing site for business experts where entrepreneurs can receive valuable insight in regards to the way they should create the company and what they need to focus on. Clarity is a reliable site, which works really well and which has a solid system. We encourage you to visit the site and check the service out, since this is a valuable resource, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

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