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Cisco’s ThousandEyes Maps Internet Outage Events

ThousandEyes is a software that is provided by Cisco as a service that acts as a health monitor of the internet and provides analysis through a global map. While the software was launched last year, Cisco has integrated it with their AppDynamics‘ cloud intelligence technology only this year. This integration will bring a new dashboarding experience to businesses that want to track and fix their network outage issues across the world.

The AppDynamics Dash Studio allows businesses to develop a global ecosystem that connects their customers, networks, applications, and cloud teams, and where the internet outage issues can be quickly isolated and resolved in real-time. Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM, Enterprise Networking and Cloud at Cisco, acknowledges the importance of agility, flexibility, and scalability that would help lead “many organizations to embrace the benefits of cloud-first environments”.

Cisco ThousandEyes Internet Insights Outage Map
Image: Cisco

ThousandEyes checks network outages algorithmically every day and charts are made using aggregated network telemetry data from its global network sensors. These charts are prepared weekly and each weekly data is described as an ‘Event.’ The network outage events are measured across domains such as ISP, public cloud, and edge service networks such as CDN, DNS, and SECaaS.


With the new integration of ThousandEyes, Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 series switches are offering big organizations to leverage the technologies at no additional cost. The Cisco Catalyst 9300 series switches provide up to 1Tbps of speed and are available as a stackable switching platform. The Catalyst 9400 can deliver up to 9Tbps of speed and are sold as modular access switches.

These switches are designed to perform well across IoTs, clouds, and enterprises’ architecture, and build to lay a solid foundation for a digitally secure workplace. The research director of IDC‘s Network Analytics, Mark Leary, describes how digital demands are on a rise, and tech advancements such as cloud computing, are driving networks “to new levels” of complexity each passing day.

YouTube: What is ThousandEyes?

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by John Adams. The screenshot of the tool is owned by Cisco.

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