What Is Cisco CCNP ENCOR?


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Implementing and operating the ENCOR or Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies course will give the ultimate skills and knowledge used for troubleshooting, configuring, and managing enterprise wireless and wired networks. You will learn the steps to implement security principles within the enterprise network and ways to overlay network designs. For that, the service will be using solutions like SD-WAN and SD-Access.

The course will always prepare you to take around 350 to 401 implementing the Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies exam. There are four new certifications coming your way for that. Those are:

  • Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core
  • CCIE Enterprise Wireless
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
  • CCNP Enterprise

Now for the objectives

Understanding the objectives is always the first point to consider when it comes to the ENCOR exam. Once you are able to take this course, there are so many points that you will be able to cover. Those are mentioned by your side.

  • At first, you are going to illustrate the hierarchical network design model and the architecture with the use of the distribution, access, and core layers.
  • You get the chance to compare and then contrast multiple software and hardware switching mechanisms and operations and also define the ternary content addressable memory or TCAM and the CAM. It will also focus on fast switching, process switching, and Cisco Express Forwarding concepts.
  • Then you have to Troubleshoot layer 2-connectivity with the help of VLANs and trunking at the same time.
  • You get the chance to implement redundant switched networks with the help of the Spanning tree Protocol.
  • Then you have troubleshooting link aggregation with the help of Etherchannel.
  • You will be able to describe the metrics, features, and path selection concepts of EIGRP.
  • Implementing and optimizing the (OSPF)v2 and OSPFv3 will be a part of this course module. It will include packet types, adjacencies and areas, summarization, and route filtering for IPv6 and IPv4.
  • It will add the external border gateway protocol inter-domain routing, single and duel-homed networking, and path selection.
  • You get the chance to add network redundancy with the help of protocols like virtual router redundancy protocol and hot standby routing protocol.

The content prerequisites to follow

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are some course-based prerequisites that you need to follow as well. There are some skills and knowledge that you must have before you plan to attend the course.

  • There should be a proper implementation of the Enterprise-based LAN network that you need to be aware of.
  • On the other hand, there will be a basic understanding of Python scripting, which forms a major part of this point too.
  • Apart from that, you have a basic understanding of enterprise routing and wireless connectivity as some of the major points to consider.

The contents are to follow

Before you opt for the ENCOR exam, let’s learn a bit more about the contents associated with this field now. Some of those contents are mentioned below for your reference.

  • Cisco Switching Paths
  • Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture examination
  • Adding Layer 2 Port Aggregation
  • Working on Campus LAN Connectivity
  • Creating the Redundant Switched Topology
  • Adding OSPF and understanding EIGRP
  • Adding Network Redundancy and NAT
  • Focusing towards the field of Virtualization Protocols and Techniques
  • More information on Virtual Private Networks and Interfaces
  • Wireless Principles and the core modules and more

The lab content

Just like the theoretical practices, there are some lab outlines, which will form a part of this course module. So, let’s focus on some of those topics covered around here.

  • CAM investigation
  • Analyzing the Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Configuring Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Tuning Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Configuration and verification of the Single-Homed EBGP
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
  • Adding Hot Standby Routing Protocol and more

It is always important to catch up with the best educational institution, from where you are going to receive the best exam preparation help. From the reputed sources, you will be receiving 350-401 ENCOR exam questions free as well. So, make sure to get in touch with the right team, which will be your guide for the day, and help you understand more about ENCOR exams right now.

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