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Feel the Magic of Portable Cinema with Cinemood

Ever lay in bed, can’t fall asleep, when you decide to give up trying and just go watch some Game of Thrones? Or if you have kids and they just demand their Elsa bedtime story but you’re too tired? What if you had a gadget next to your bed that you could just take, turn on, and watch whatever you want, without even raising your head from your pillow? And that gadget could project movies, shows, cartoons, and memories on your walls or ceiling? Look no more, Cinemood is here.

Cinemood claims to be the first mini cinema

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What is Cinemood, you ask? Basically, it’s a projector. But what makes it different from the whole host of other projectors out there is its small size, HD stream options, pre-installed content, and large screening size. Although the focus is on kids and families, we’re sure you’ll appreciate Cinemood even if it’s just you and your dog. Heck, you can bring your friends over and watch your high school or wedding slideshow together.

Dubbed “the first mini cinema for families”, Cinemood comes in the shape of a small cube, 3” in size. You can project content onto any flat surface inside or outside your home. And it’s small enough to bring with you wherever you want! On the other hand, the size of the projected image can be over 12 feet.

Worried about the noise and the quality of sound? No more. This beauty is equipped with fanless cooling that facilitates clear sounds when you need them. You can change its cover, just like with a smartphone. Cinemood has Smart Covers, which come with additional content for the kids. Storyteller mode doesn’t have blue specter, so it’s not harmful to your kids’ circadian rhythm.


Pre-installed content and streaming

Depending on where you live, the pre-installed content includes over 45 Disney ebooks and 20 videos. It comes packed with 89 cartoons, 40 audio stories, 20 e-books, 6 shadow hand puppets, and lullabies.

Even if you’re not interested in this amazing pre-installed content, you’ll appreciate the possibility of streaming Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon HD videos, as well as downloading Netflix content to watch offline later. The device is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. You can also watch your own videos and slideshows offline. Watch up to five hours of content before you have to recharge. There is 16GB space in case you want to save the content for later.

You can even entertain your kids with hand-puppet shows. Cinemood also has tutorials for “Hand Shadow Puppets” on their website. Of course, Cinemood has remote control options for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. Wondering about the price? This magic little cube will cost you $399 on Amazon.

YouTube: CINEMOOD – The First Mini Cinema for families (full version)

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