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Chilling Sip Stick: Innovative Digital Concept Chills Cocktails

Having a freezer full of ice is a luxury a lot of people  don’t have. My freezer is stocked with ice now, but I rarely use it. I prefer my water without ice. On the other hand, cocktails are very different. They taste best when they’re cold, at least to me. There have been many creative concept designs over the years for chilling cocktails without ice. This little piece of digital innovation will hopefully catch on if it ever becomes a real product.

Most of the solutions for chilling drinks that I’ve seen have been a bit awkward. The Corkcicle is one of the nicest designs of all, but it still requires a freezer, which is a big limitation for a lot of people.

The Chilling Sip Stick, which you can see below, is a concept design worth checking out. It’s a self-rechargeable, digital sip stick that would chill your beverages without using ice or a freezer.

Again, this is just a concept design, but I like the idea a lot. According to Yanko Design:

“The device is a digital stick. You can set its temperature on the cooling panel on the front side to help maintain the same coolness till the last drop. The design also uses the kinetic energy from the pendulum embedded in the inside of the stick to power it.”

Designers Seung Hwan Roh, Chan Jae Joh, Yeon Ho Chu and Na Rae Park envision companies printing their name and logo on the Chilling Sip Stick, thus making it a marketing tool also. What a great gift for brands to distribute at a cocktail party or happy hour.

Since the Chilling Sip Stick does not require ice, your cocktails won’t be watered down when the ice melts, which is an added bonus. The fact that it’s self-rechargeable makes it even more appealing. With a little more rendering and fine-tuning, I could see the Chilling Sip Stick becoming a popular product someday. I hope it happens!




Source: Yanko Design
Photo credit: Dino Abatzidis

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