Casino Bonuses: Why and Which Ones Are Worth Using, and Which Ones Can Be Skipped?


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Every player in an online casino is attracted by the possibility of big winnings, but there is another thing that has a significant influence on players – casino bonuses. Casino owners know this trait of players very well and actively use it to attract new users and encourage loyal players. Casino bonuses can offer many advantages for players, especially when they know which bonuses are worth using, how to apply them, and what to pay attention to. In this article, we will explain what bonuses are, their most popular types, the nuances of using them, which bonuses can be ignored, and which ones must be used. We will also discuss other useful information related to gambling.

Casino bonuses and their types

Online casinos constantly compete with each other and use various methods to attract potential customers’ attention to their casinos. One such method is bonuses. Therefore, it is always important to remember that casino bonuses are part of a casino’s marketing strategy. Each online casino has its own bonus system, and it can sometimes confuse us if we don’t understand what they are. Casino bonuses are essentially promotional offers that allow players to get free spins, free money, or free bets during games. Let’s take a closer look at what bonuses Hungarian online casino players can encounter:

  1. Welcome casino bonus. Perhaps the most famous and common type of bonus, as it can be obtained in almost every casino. The welcome bonus is provided after registering on the online casino site. The welcome bonus may include various gifts, such as free money or free spins.
  2. Deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is the second most popular and common casino bonus after the welcome bonus. It can be on a permanent basis or as part of a limited-time promotion. The deposit bonus is available to every registered player who deposits a certain amount of money into their account. The deposit bonus is also provided in the form of free money and free spins. Most often, the deposit bonus is credited at a 100% rate. For example, if a player deposits 100 euros into their account, they will receive another 100 euros as a gift from the casino.
  3. No deposit bonus. The most sought-after type of bonus but very rare. No deposit bonuses can be found in a few places in 2023. The essence of such a bonus is that it does not require a deposit, meaning the player gets a gift from the casino for free, regardless of whether they deposited any amount or not. This is an excellent opportunity to play a casino game for real money completely free and even win.
  4. Free spins bonus. Free spins are often distributed among casino players. This particular bonus can only be used in slot games, and the casino often specifies which specific slots the free spins can be used on.
  5. Birthday bonuses. Some online casinos offer birthday bonuses for players. These bonuses are distributed once a year, on the occasion of a birthday. It depends on the casino what the gift will be.
  6. Free roll bonuses. This type of bonus is intended for poker players and means that the player can join a poker deal or tournament for free.
  7. Loyalty bonuses. Loyalty bonuses are generally part of a loyalty program and include various gifts. Not every online casino has them. The purpose of loyalty bonuses is to encourage players who regularly engage in activities on the casino site for an extended period. These rewards come in different forms, such as free spins or other similar rewards. Some casinos may also give tangible gifts, such as an apartment or car, etc.
  8. Free bet bonus. This type of bonus is usually found in the sports betting section and means that the player can bet for free on a particular sport.
  9. Cashback or money-back bonus. Another common casino bonus is cashback, which means that the casino returns some portion of the lost money to the player. It is increasingly offered in more casinos. The cashback bonus is often tied to a loyalty program; in this case, the cashback percentage depends on the level reached in the loyalty program.
  10. High roller or high stakes bonus. Some casinos prefer players who are willing to make huge deposits, so they offer high-roller bonuses. In such cases, the player must deposit at least 500 euros to receive the bonus.
  11. Promotional code. A promotional code is a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers that contain a special gift. These codes are usually distributed on social networks or via email. This code must be entered in a designated field.
  12. Deposit method or application bonus. Some casinos give special gifts to players who use certain payment methods for deposits or download the casino’s mobile app.
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What rules apply to casino bonuses?

It is essential to keep in mind that there are certain rules and conditions for using bonuses. And the winnings from the bonuses will only be paid out if we fully comply with these rules and requirements. Therefore, you should always read the information about the bonuses carefully. In general, the following rules and requirements apply to bonuses:

  1. The received bonuses are always credited to the bonus balance.
  2. Validity period. Most bonuses have a validity period. For example, after activation, the bonus will be valid for 7 days. This means that the player must fulfill the requirements for the bonus within 7 days.
  3. Bonuses are often tied to specific games, meaning you won’t be able to use that particular bonus in another game.
  4. Wagering requirement. Each bonus has a wagering requirement. This means that this money will not be paid out until we meet the wagering requirement, i.e., play as many times as the casino requires. The wagering requirement varies in each casino and is generally between 30 and 50.
  5. Payment methods. Be sure to read the information about the bonuses, as you will often see that when using certain payment methods, the player cannot receive the bonus.

Which bonuses are not worth using?

Using bonuses can be very advantageous for the player, but is it always like this? No. When it comes to bonuses, before claiming any promotion, you should first carefully read the terms and conditions related to the bonuses and avoid bonuses in the following cases:

  • Skip bonuses with very high wagering requirements. Anything higher than x45 will be challenging to play back;
  • Skip bonuses that are valid for a short time. When the bonus validity period is 3-5 days and there is also a high wagering requirement, you will not win anything from them;
  • Skip bonuses with low maximum payout limits because they limit the amount that can be withdrawn from bonus winnings.


Casino bonuses can have great advantages for players if they know how to select them according to their needs and abilities. This way, they can take advantage of free spins or additional money to increase their chances of winning big. The most useful thing that every player can do is to carefully read the information about the bonuses. Additionally, it is important to visit various gaming forums and read other players’ opinions about bonuses – how difficult they were to play or if they were achievable at all. When choosing bonuses, always pay attention to the wagering requirement.

Excessively high wagering requirements almost make it impossible to receive payment for the bonus amount. It’s not worth using short-term bonuses because you won’t have enough time to meet the wagering requirements. Different casinos offer different bonuses with different terms. Players are not obligated to register and play at only one online casino. For example, you can take advantage of the National Casino Registration bonus and also register at other establishments.

In Hungary, gambling is legal, and the National Tax and Customs Administration states that any winnings obtained from gambling are tax-free. However, this applies only to legal online casinos, as winnings obtained from illegal casinos are subject to taxation as personal income. It’s worth noting that in the case of legal online gambling, the tax is paid by the website organizing the games.

If a private person receives the prize from someone other than the payee – for example, if the prize comes from a game organized on a foreign website – the individual must pay the 15% personal income tax and the 15.5% social security contribution on their earnings by the 12th of the month following the end of the quarter in which the prize was won. To determine taxable income, you need to subtract recognized expenses, such as the amount of the stake, from the revenue earned. This applies to each bet, meaning that losses from bets cannot be offset against profits. Individuals can prove revenue and expenses using an invoice issued in their name. For more information, read the official website of the National Tax and Customs Administration:

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