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Carry Your ID on Your Phone with VerifiiD

Verifying IDs online has become quite a chore, and it always brings in its fair share of challenges if you want to buy something online. VerifiiD is a unique app that can help verify a user’s age when they need to buy any type of age-restricted product like tobacco or alcohol.

VerifiiD is a biometrically secure solution that helps you show your exact age and other details without a problem. Not only that, but it’s better and easier than having to take a physical ID with you and risk losing it in any way.

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Verifying sensitive information safely

The main focus of VerifiiD is to provide you with a simple way to provide information when buying any type of age-restricted product online while keeping you and any sensitive information safe from danger. After registering, any sensitive data from the user is supposedly removed as quickly as possible. This means that all the required data will be kept locally on your phone; nothing is kept online, and you are free to delete local data on your own as well.

VerifiiD can have some great advantages, one of them being the fact that you don’t have to carry a physical ID to show verification of your age. The app doesn’t disclose your personal information nor does it sell your data, and does all that for free. If it does what it sets out to do, it can be the safest app you can use for ID verification without worrying about data theft.

Image: VerifiiD

On top of that, VerifiiD aims to reach out to local places by partnering them with its companion app. Aside from scanning a user’s ID, the app can allow partnered stores to post offers directly and have more reach to their customers. This way, customers can also enjoy some gifts and deals.

From the offset, VerifiiD seems to be a useful tool that can simplify the verification process for both customers and stores without the hassle of fumbling to take out physical IDs or getting tricked by fake IDs. Right now, the consumer and outlet app is both available on Android.

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