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What Can the Cloud Do for Your Business Advancement?

The existence of the Internet has produced many side effects, which are becoming the mainstream events on the global network. One of such additional-turned-essential features is the cloud. What started as chunks of virtual storage space in the form of Google Drive and other services has grown into the leading multi-purpose service on the web; indeed, the cloud and its services are also used for business purposes more than any other net-related phenomena. But, why is this so? How can the cloud advance your business?

Unlimited Space for Expansion

The business potential of the cloud is literally unlimited. Most cloud providers offer 10-, 15-, or 20-gigabyte storage deals for free, which is more than enough for a large number of small businesses. Of course, midsized businesses usually have to expand their online storage capacity, due to their growing needs. So, this cloud policy is a win-win situation: smaller players are happy with the free space, while the bigger ones get more GBs at affordable rates.

Business Conducted at the Speed of Light

Imagine that you have your premises in China, your designer team in Australia, and a startup in the Czech Republic. You think this is not possible? Well, it would be very hard to organize work from three different parts of the world if we did not have the cloud. Thanks to the escalation of software as a service cloud options, as well as cloud-based software tools for project management, you can now communicate with different departments of your company, scattered all over the world. In addition, tools for tracking work from the cloud enable business owners to keep an eye on their employees’ progress and work pace wherever they are.

Virtual Work – Tangible Earnings

One of the most obvious advantages of the cloud in the business field is the chance for all kinds of businesses to reduce their inventory expenses. Most startups that work via the web keep their data on their cloud accounts and use online software tools to make significant savings. First of all, they do not have to buy inventory items, such as office chairs, desks, and computers. They might have to rent an office for the core working crew, but other employees will work from their homes. Secondly, they can skip expensive software licenses and use software solutions from the cloud. They pay them on the go, only when they need them. Finally, this is a great chance for workers, too, since they can work as freelancers and contractors on several projects at the same time, which allows them to make more money. Read more about the latter in an article published by The Economist.

All-Inclusive Cloud Offers

With the growing number of cloud providers, many people are curious, even suspicious, about the security in the cloud. While it is normal that such questions are raised, you should know that some providers have taken great care of those issues. For instance, the pCloud Company has even launched a pCloud hacker challenge, to prove how strong and impenetrable their encryption for their cloud users is. Also, this company offers a wide range of cloud services, from a free 20GB package to several copies of your online data and, of course, the security-proving contest. With such providers, businesses that rely on the cloud know that they are safe and sound.

There are many opportunities in the cloud, for all the parties involved in business deals on the web. Both employers and employees should engage even more in the use of the cloud, to make their careers more productive and the global business race a more dynamic process.

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