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Hacking the Scammers with Jim Browning [Video]

How to hit the scammers back? Today I want to share with you the video of a modern-day Internet hero called Jim Browning. The objective of his work is to leverage his own tech skills to stop scammers that operate on the Internet. Many experienced Internet users can comprehend the differences between legit advertising and scams but that doesn’t account for all users and there are still people who are scammed just because they might not be that familiar with digital scams.

More info: Wikipedia article on tech support scams

Browning describes his mission on his YouTube channel as, “tracking and identifying scammers who knock my front door, call me or shove popups onto my computer screen”. If you want to find out more about how he does that, you can watch the video below or check out his other clips on YouTube.Β If you want to support him, you can also visit his Patreon site for more information.

YouTube: Calling Scammers by their real names

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Stefano Pollio.

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