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Cal.com: The Alternative Open-Source App for Scheduling

It is very important to organize when starting the day. Before the quarantine, we all had certain routines. However, these routines have now changed. Living the day with schedule and planning provides a sense of security and predictability, helping you set up routines and lessening your anxiety.

Cal.com wants to help you with getting the meeting times right

Personal routines are not the only things that have been affected over the past year. Most businesses have worked remotely, and continue to do so, which also affects workflows, meetings, and the like. Due to that, we’ve seen an influx of virtual meetings around the world, which also adds to the list of things that people have to get through daily.

For that reason, a bunch of scheduling and organizing apps popped up over time, such as FindTime and Calendly. However, Cal.com, formerly Calendso, offers an open-source calendar, scheduling, and appointment initiative that reduces emails and workload. It securely hosts your plans and calendars on its own server while retaining your branding to your clients.

Open-source calendar and sync solution

Cal.com is an open-source, 100% white-label scheduling app that can be fully customized and helps users stay on brand while scheduling with clients. It enables users to embed it into their own system with its placement features that provide advantages with many integrations. It also provides users the option to make use of its hosting solution or self-host.

What’s more, Cal.com lets users integrate it with different apps like Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar. With this, users can send a spare link of their schedules and bookings to friends or colleagues.

An API like Cal.com, which can be integrated with different apps and APIs, can change your time management skills immensely for both personal and business needs. The best thing about this app is that it starts as free for those who want to self-host. For hosted calendars, it costs a meager price of $12 per user, per month. For businesses who are looking to use this app on a bigger scale, they may email the company for a quotation.

YouTube: Introducing Cal.com – The open source Calendly alternative

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Editorial notice: Update December 2nd, 2021 – We received information that the company did a rebranding and Calendso will now be known as Cal.com going forward, and changed the article accordingly.

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