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Wunderlist Founder Sold It and Now Builds New Superlist App

In May, Wunderlist was officially shut down after it had been acquired by Microsoft to include functionality in their own To-Do app that comes as a part of the Office 365 solution. Christian Reber, the Wunderlist founder, now announced the development of Superlist, a new productivity app that aims to succeed where Wunderlist failed.

On the Superlist website, they assure that Superlist will enable “supercharged productivity for teams of the future”. Although there are not too many specifics about the new app, it is expected that Superlist will have all the features that were offered by Wunderlist, with a focus on professional usage.

Reber indicated on his Twitter account that “Superlist will be more than just a todo app, but never as bloated as the project management software you loathe to use. Slick, fast, and hyper-collaborative. Helping individuals or teams of any size get things done in record time”.

Going full circle with full bags

Wunderlist was founded in 2011 and was sold to Microsoft in 2015 for around $200 million. This task manager allowed the user to plan daily activities and create lists, such as work projects, shopping lists, weekend plans, and notes about anything. The tool had the option to share tasks with others as well, which was ideal for workgroups using lean project management methodologies and allowed everyone involved to mark the completed tasks.

Wunderlist had expiration date alerts and a reminder system that avoided skipping any activity. It was fully compatible with iOS and Android, and sync with iCloud or email. Microsoft noted that as time went on, Wunderlist became less sustainable, so they finally announced their shut down. Simultaneously, Reber proclaimed his interest in retaking the company and improving the aspects in which Wunderlist failed, whose shut down was taken as a Microsoft strategy to motivate the use of its own tool: Microsoft To-Do.

Reber tried to rebuy the company, but since he received no response, he decided to create a new app that would be developed by the team that worked on Wonderlist, so it is expected that it will be a great tool that will revolutionize the way of organizing our activities. While the Superlist team works on this project, the expectation of what this new app will provide is increasing. We will keep an eye on them to share any new details about this new organization and productivity tool.

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