Business Intelligence: Which Tool Is Right for Your Company?


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Getting an edge on the competition takes many factors added together, but utilizing technology ranks at the top of the list. Without harnessing state of the art techniques, we run the risk of possessing great market disadvantage compared to those who do. With this in mind, it’s apparent why business intelligence – or BI – is paramount to success. Simply put, business intelligence is the array of digital tools used to convert raw data into digestible information. It takes the place of hundreds if not thousands of man-hours otherwise necessary to derive critical analysis from operations details. This delivers high-speed answers to common questions going forward, thus enabling high-speed decisions to be made with a higher rate of accuracy.

Yet not all business intelligence software is the same. Unreliable options ought to be avoided: stick to BI solutions with a history of success. Once narrowed down to the leaders in BI, it’s time to decide which one is right for your company. At this stage it’s important to know which specialties and functions are the right fit for your specific business approach:

Microsoft Corporation

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOBusinesses with a strong tie to Microsoft Office will likely want to utilize Power BI as it works in sync with the office suite. Some consider it an heir apparent to Excel. As one would expect the experience at the interface level is very cut and dry. Overall, Power BI is best suited for companies in more traditional fields and industries. Sales-driven entities working with fellow enterprises where numbers are the dominant dynamic at any given time serve to gain from this standard issue business intelligence software.

Tableau Software

tableau-logoTableau is noted for converting the abstract numbers and calculations of big data into brilliantly digestible visual breakdowns. This makes this BI tool ideal for companies with a concentration on creation, design, theme, and style. Entrepreneurs with a preference for tangible foundations for reasoning are likely to fall in love with Tableau.

QlikTech International

qlik-logo-v2The business intelligence suite known as QlikView is deemed by many to be splitting the difference between the other two in terms of far-reaching data consumption and immersive delivery. This makes it overwhelming and potentially overkill for some enterprises, but perfect for others. Industries with a manufacturing core are probably the best customers for QlikView because of its versatility in the face of rapidly changing inputs and preferred reporting.

No matter which software is chosen, the implementation of reputable business intelligence is going to lead to several positive outcomes:

Knowing how to navigate the tricky world of online networking

The Internet is chock full of entities claiming to be one thing while truly being another – making it hard for businesses in the habit of courting new allies, clients, and customers to avoid wasting time and resources on false leads and dead ends. BI software detects fraud and discrepancy faster than people, increasing efficiency in the outreach phase.

Predicting customer and client demands

Utilizing business intelligence software leads to increased awareness regarding the habits of customers and clients which otherwise go undetected. This helps businesses to gauge future supply and demand trends and consequently better manage cash flow.

Maximizing productivity

The holy grail of all businesses – getting more bang for your buck is a practical expectation of using BI software. Automated data analysis points out flaws in the chain and will provide useful insights into possible solutions.

We all want to perform better than the competition. In limited markets especially, every little advantage adds up to greater success. The role of business intelligence has never been bigger when it comes to boosting the rate of accurate and effective decision making in an ever increasingly fast-paced world.

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Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown
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