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Nowadays, the modern workplace is filled with businesses run by millennials. Almost half of them have more important roles and teams to manage with, but they haven’t received proper training. This can lead to serious issues within a business, as managers are the leaders that help companies go in the right direction.

While these young leaders bring a lot of innovation to the table, some don’t have the proper resources to develop their management skills. That’s where Bunch comes in. It is an AI-powered leadership coach that makes it easy for anyone to become a better leader.

Helping every team to have a great leader

We currently live in a world where meetings, seminars, or workshops take place online. Still, management training has yet to receive the digital transformation we’ve seen in other areas. If you do a little research online, you’ll find many videos, blog posts, and podcasts on becoming a better leader, but not all of them are well-explained and useful. Bunch wants to change that.

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Bunch is a startup that began in 2016 cofounded by CEO Darja Gutnick, CTO Charles Ahmadzadeh, and COO Anthony Reo. With their combined knowledge of software engineering and psychology, they created a tech company that helps enable people to become better leaders.

So far, the company has released three different products for businesses. Now, Bunch is focusing on creating scalable learning experiences for individual leaders by providing them with daily moments of professional mindfulness.

Built from years of psychological research and findings, Bunch’s vision is to become the best leadership coach for the 21st century. For that reason, the company released an AI-powered leadership coach that provides value to a huge audience, from managers of stores to CEOs of startups.

Personalized leadership coach

Recently, Bunch released its AI-powered leadership coach app. The app takes all leadership knowledge from around the world and breaks it down for its users into daily messages and reminders.

As you use the Bunch app, your personal leadership coach will learn more about you and give you advice according to your leadership style and goals. The app will also share useful tips from the world’s most successful leadership coaches to motivate you to become a better leader.

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Bunch offers a personalized AI leadership experience. It integrates into the busy lifestyle of today’s managers, allowing them to make progress every day without taking long training and workshops. It simply requires 2-5 minutes of your time every day so you can improve your leadership skills in the long run.

The app delivers practical advice with opportunities to role-play and achieve skills in a gamified format. All you have to do is take a couple of minutes from your time every morning with your morning coffee and work on your leadership skills with Bunch.

Currently, the Bunch app is available on iOS. The app will ask you a couple of questions to identify your leadership style. Meanwhile, the Android version is expected to release soon. if you’re interested, you can subscribe to the company’s newsletter and be among the first to know when it launches.

YouTube: Take the Lead with Bunch: The AI Leadership Coach | Bunch

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