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Building Brick Waffle Maker: Build Your Waffle Tower and Eat It

Parents are always looking for a way to keep their little ones interested in their breakfasts. What better way to do it than with some delicious waffles? Now, with the Building Brick Waffle Maker, you can make each morning an original, fun, and nutritious moment.

In a world of square and round classic waffles, this waffle maker immediately stands out. With this waffle maker and a lot of imagination, you can create waffles that can turn into incredible structures.


Building blocks made of waffles

Food is not for play, but that was before the Building Brick Waffle Maker. Now, children and adults can shape the most important meal of the day brick by brick. The company WaffleWow has been in charge of developing this waffle maker, turning the most important meal of the day into the most fun one as well. With this, you can build up your own waffle tower and munch down on it.

The Building Brick Waffle Maker is made up of 14 small, individual pieces in the shape of LEGO building blocks instead of the traditional base with holes. The waffle maker’s plate also has divisions for you to create a single, double, or four-studded block. Thanks to its non-stick surface you can easily remove out your waffles and start building.

Building Brick Waffle Maker

While the Building Brick Waffle Maker is fun, it is also a safe product to use. It has easy-to-clean parts with all relevant production tests done to it and is also ETL certified.

While this stereotype-breaking waffle maker is not affiliated in any way with LEGO, it clearly gets inspiration from it. The Building Brick Waffle Maker has been successfully Kickstarted, but you can still preorder it over at Backerkit if you really want it. Here, you can get the basic waffle maker at $50 with the construction plate at $15. 

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Photo credits: The photos are owned by WaffleWow and have been provided for press usage.
Source: Kickstarter / Backerkit

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