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Build Your Own One Piece Pirate Crew in Treasure Cruise

One Piece: Treasure Cruise is a stunning RPG that was created with a great premise in mind, and that is to create your own crew and set off in the adventure that you always wanted! Since it’s a part of a very popular series, the game does integrate many of the characters and a few stories from there, but it does manage to stand on its own thanks to the one of a kind game experience and all the other cool stuff.

 It’s a refined, action packed game where the premise is that you need to create your own pirate crew and sail in the adventure of a lifetime unlike never before. Unlike other games in the genre, the title is designed with great combat mechanics in mind even though all you have to do is tap again and again. For me, it’s the simplicity of the game that makes the gameplay so good and action packed, because at the end of the day is the experience you have from it that matters.

I have to be honest, the story impressed me and I didn’t think it would. I am not one to like animes, that’s for sure, but the deepness and entire experience integrated here is very interesting and that, alongside the way the story progresses, is what kept me playing!

The battle system is simple but I found it to be perfectly functional and a ton of fun. It’s not easy at all to play this type of game, but somehow One Piece: Treasure Cruise manages to simplify everything by adding in a ton of great mechanics and tandem attacks that help you generate a ton of damage. It’s not often that you can find such amazing mechanics, but you should totally check them out  as you play.

You can even create a crew with the favorite characters in this game, and that really shines because it offers an astounding diversity as you go along. Of course, there are many ways that you can approach this and it’s up to you to create the crew you like.

Graphically, you get the beautiful and exciting graphics that you always expected from a One Piece game, and to be honest they are more than enough here. They look amazing and they do immerse you into the game story, which for me is what matters the most to be honest.

If you are a fan of the One Piece universe or just want an immersive RPG where you can create your own crew and other cool stuff, One Piece: Treasure Cruise is a great time investment. You can get it free of charge right now on iOS and Android. It’s amazing, so just try it out and you will not be disappointed!

YouTube: ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise Trailer: Play Now!

Photo credit: Bandai Namco Games / Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Toei Animation

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