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Boom Watches Collaborate with Fidesmo Pay to Produce Watches with NFC

At the start of November, a Sweden company called Boom Watches announced its collaboration with Fidesmo Pay to produce watch straps with an inserted NFC chip. This means that, instead of using the traditional payment cards, users can tap the watch on the terminal and make a payment.

The company specializes in modular and durable watches with interchangeable parts that allow a user to customize the design of the watch with different parts available from the Boom Watches’ collection. With its collaboration with Fidesmo Pay, customers can now pay with a tap of their watch.

Tap and pay

Boom Watches’ CEO and founder Niklas Dahlgren expressed how the company is proud to offer another innovation to the customers through the partnership with Fidesmo Pay. He explained that with the NFC chip inside the watches, consumers will have an integrated payment system in their watch, which further strengthens the concept of the company.

For the uninitiated, Fidesmo Pay is a Swedish company specializing in wearable payment services founded in 2013. The company has collaborated with different fashion brands, providing them with various wearables with payment functionalities. The company provides a streamlined integration process for companies to add payment services to their devices. , Its CEO Mattias Eld, said that the company is pleased to have Boom Watches as one of their partners, promising that both companies will work together to offer a smoother payment solution to all customers.

This is a great collaboration that will result in having modern watches with the ability to make payments like credit and debit cards. The Boom Watches with the integrated Fidesmo Pay system are currently available for purchase on their website with a list of supported cards for Belgium, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. You may purchase either the strap for $53 or the whole watch starting at $109.

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