Bondic: If Not Glue, Then What?


Dealing with small annoyances in the household can be a bigger issue than it should be – a crying child because of a broken doll, a chipped bowl or a broken heirloom plate – generally, the thing people reach for to fix these issues is superglue.

Let’s be honest here: Superglue is terrible. No matter the brand and promises it makes about not gluing your fingers together, it will still do so. We bear with it though, since there aren’t very many alternatives for it. So, while swearing like a sailor and at least three fingers glued together, we botch what should be an easy repair-job.

Then there is the slightly more advanced alternative: A hot glue gun. Loved by jewelry makers and hobbyists alike, it too has some severe drawbacks, most of which are already in the name – hot glue gun. Burns are quite common, and once again the glue is very prone to connecting things that don’t belong together.

Maybe there is a more sophisticated solution?

Bondic Not Glue Fixing Gaming Controller Plastic Liquid Fix Not Hot Not Injury Dangerous Danger Device PenThis need not be, however – people far cleverer than those of us who regularly glue together our fingers have come up with a no-hassle solution called Bondic. Bondic glues things together, but it isn’t glue – it’s a liquid plastic that hardens only when you need it to.

This sounds a little like the promises made by superglue of course, but it really is different – Bondic’s liquid plastic can be applied, removed, reapplied and changed as many times as needed, and only when it’s just right will use of a special lamp harden the plastic. Liquid plastic, in this case, doesn’t mean hot plastic, which makes it a lot easier to handle and deal with.

Bondic is also not limited to certain areas of use the way glues often are – anything it can be applied to can be glued together. Only a very thin layer is required – usually between 1mm and 1.5mm. This makes it the perfect solution for fixing that precious plate you broke before your mother-in-law comes to visit.

Less dangerous and less problematic for the environment

As for safety and environmental concerns – Bondic is solvent-free, which makes it much kinder on the environment and also ensures that it can’t dry out the way glues do. The easiest way to describe the process is by comparing it to welding rather than gluing – just without the heat. From cables to jewelry to sealing cracks in a sink, for example, Bondic is more versatile than glues could ever hope to be. It is also more durable – once set, you needn’t fear that exposure to sun or simply time makes it come undone again.

Water and heat resistance make it perfect for use in areas that experience heavy wear as well – such as washbasins, toys and even certain electronics or tools. Acids, lyes, oils, lubricants, and similar substances don’t affect hardened Bondic either – in other words, odds are, if you can fix it at all, you can fix it with Bondic.

How to get your new way fixing things?

No more injuries, glued together fingers or tears over broken valuables – and no more angry mother-in-laws either. You can purchase the kits on their website or Amazon if you are keen on trying this out for yourself.

YouTube: Bondic – Liquid Plastic Welder – Fix, Repair, Mold and Build! It’s Not a Glue!

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Bondic.
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Melanie Hawthorne
Melanie Hawthorne
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Nice idea developed with style. Avoid burns and fix your stuff in a whole different way without paying a fortune. Bondic: If Not Glue, Then What?