Bobcat T7X: The World’s First All-Electric Compact Track Loader


Doosan Bobcat, a company based in Korea catering to the construction industry, showcased its new, first-of-its-kind, all-electric Bobcat T7X compact track loader during CES 2022. What makes the vehicle special is that it is battery-powered, making it quieter than its diesel-powered counterparts. It is also said to be more powerful, “eliminating hydraulic systems, components, emissions and vibrations – all while providing cleaner, quieter machines.”

Overhauling the traditional compact loader

The company has designed the Bobcat T7X to be an all-electric loader, utilizing electric actuators and motors. This means that the vehicle is made to be virtually free from fluids to operate, not to mention that it requires only one eco-friendly quart of coolant compared to its equivalent of a diesel/hydraulic model that uses 57 gallons of it.

When not in use, the lithium-ion battery and intelligent power management technology allow the Bobcat T7X to preserve energy. With the hydraulic system in place, it no longer needs time to build up power before an operator uses it; instantaneous power and peak torque would be available once operation begins to take place.

Bobcat T7X
Image: Doosan Bobcat

Since there’s no need for liquids such as oil or engine fluid, not to mention the exclusion of hydraulic parts, one can imagine that costs will be significantly lower in maintenance fees.  Apart from that, since the Bobcat T7X is made to be much quieter, it also helps in lessening unnecessary noise and improve in the overall working environment.

The Bobcat T7X is powered by a 62KW lithium-ion battery from the company’s technology partner, Green Machine Equipment, Inc. The battery allows for a normal day’s work of either up to 4 hours of nonstop use or lasts a whole day if used intermittently. Its power management system has been developed to recognize when loads are increasing and automatically reduce power when it is no longer required, effectively preserving its energy to extend the machine’s runtime.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Bobcat T7X also features two-way telematics communication, a feature that equipment is known for. This feature helps analyze the machine’s performance, adjust the operator’s preferences, and improve on the product’s features.

Support and collaborations involved

Doosan Bobcat also announced a collaboration with Sunbelt Rentals that has invested in a large fleet of Bobcat T7X that will be co-branded and available in North America this year. The equipment rental firm will be the first in the country to adopt battery-electric technology. CEO of Sunbelt Rentals Brendan Horgan said “we support our ESG objectives of empowering our customers and communities with the availability of alternative rental solutions that reduce emissions and noise.”

For the Bobcat T7X’s electronic control capabilities, Doosan Bobcat teamed up with Moog Inc., a worldwide developer of motion control components and systems for a variety of industries, including aerospace and defense. The developer would help increase the pace of the research. John Scannell, Chairman and CEO of Moog Inc., expresses his excitement in the collaboration, saying that “Like Doosan Bobcat, we believe that electrification, automation and connectivity go hand-in-hand.”

Both the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities 2022 CES Innovation Awards went to the Bobcat T7X. Scott Park, president and CEO of Doosan Bobcat shares that “Doosan Bobcat is at the forefront of innovation, and we are proud to debut the all-electric technology of the T7X to help customers maximize both sustainability and productivity.” Additionally, VP of global innovation at Doosan Bobcat Joel Honeyman called the equipment “a technological triumph for Bobcat and for the entire industry.”

Photo credit: The images used are owned by Doosan Bobcat and have been provided for press usage.
Source: CES

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Raghul Manikandan
Raghul Manikandan
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