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Blizzard Announces New Diablo Comic among Others

San Diego, US, July 22, 2018 — The San Diego Comic-Con 2018 (SDCC) is through, and there are news about the Diablo gaming franchise by Blizzard Entertainment to talk about. At the Blizzard Publishing panel they talked about upcoming projects such as StarCraft: Scavengers, Windrunner: Three Sisters, Hearthstone: Dr. Boom, and closed the panel discussion with an announcement of a new Diablo comic.

While many fans of the Diablo games were really looking forward to hearing about a new installment of the franchise for gaming after Diablo III, mostly the announcement was well-received by the fans. I too would love to hear about something like “Diablo 4” or “World of Diablo” (obviously I made those names up), but I am also pretty sure that the comics are going to be interesting.

Who’s involved in the Diablo comic?

Blizzard will be working together with Titan Comics (Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch, Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep, Assassin’s Creed: Origins) to publish four parts of this new story extension to the Diablo franchise. Marv Wolfman (Blade, Crisis on Infinite Earths) will be writing the story. Piotr Kowalski (The Witcher, Wolfenstein, Dark Souls), who we introduced before in an Instagram post (embedded below), will be the illustrator for this project.

Any clues about the story?

It’s unlikely that all four parts of this comic book series will be available in 2018, but at least they informed us that the series will launch this year. The plot will reportedly be about a party of crusaders who find out more about the origins of the humans on Sanctuary, the realm where the humans live in Diablo IP.

Andrea Ayres, from Comics Beat, captured a quote of Wolfman, “If you know the games well, the comic is gonna freak you out a little bit. I’m so surprised we were able to do some of the stuff that we did, I was thrilled”. I think I’ll be thrilled as well once the new Diablo comic this gets out.

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Blizzard and part of their press kit. The tweeted content is owned by Titan Comics and Piotr Kowalski.
Source: Andrea Ayres (Comics Beat) / Tweet by Titan Comics
Editorial notice: Report is based on trusted sources, as indicated. The author did not attend this event in person. The feature image is a generic visual from the Diablo franchise, as no other material has been made available yet of this future work.

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