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What’s up with the Blazing Red iPhone?

Apple LogoCupertino, US, March 21 — Apple introduces the newest and hottest member of their smartphone family—the gleaming red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple moves away from the previous colors of their iPhone which are black, jet black, rose gold, silver, gold, and space gray in choosing matte red for the aluminum cover.

What’s this special edition iPhone about?

This is in connection with their 10-year partnership with (RED) — an organization which advocates for an AIDS-free generation. Each item bought from Apple would be of help to the global fund that provides a budget for various testing, treatment and prevention plans against AIDS.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, says, “Since we began working with (RED) 10 years ago, our customers have made a significant impact in fighting the spread of AIDS through the purchase of our products.”

When it comes to the features of this product, contrary to the thought that the iPhone red will be fully colored with red, the screen part of the phone still retains its white finish. So when you use a phone case, it will seem like the usual iPhone though.

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What’s in the box?

Other items inside the box of this red iPhone are still all white too, like the ear pods, USB cable, power adapter and headphone jack adapter. No worries though, the other parts like the buttons and the SIM tray did not disappoint us. They are also red.

Versions and pricing

Both iPhone models will be available as a 128GB and 256GB version. Plus, it could be bought in all stores worldwide beginning on March 24, 2017, with the price starting at $749 for the iPhone 7 and $849 for the iPhone 7 plus.

But surely with this new innovation in color, I bet everyone is excited as to what colors will Apple create for future iPhones. Let’s just wait and see then.

Photo credit: Apple
Source: Alex Kirschner, Trudy Muller (Apple)

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