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Beta.ray: New Contender to Solar Energy Market

The fossil energy we use nowadays has brought with it technological advancement but also mishaps such as pollution. This is the main reason why more and more people nowadays are looking for alternate means of energy without polluting the environment Rawlemon Beta.ray is trying to pioneer that.

Using the force of wind or the sun’s brightness to generate electricity is not something new, but there is a device that successfully manages to innovate and provide us with an alternative when it comes to taking control on what type of energy we use. The Beta.ray is a one of a kind technology that definitely earns its place as being one of the best ways to generate heat and electricity for your home.

Andre Broessel
Andre Broessel

Developed by Andre Broessel of Rawlemon, Beta.ray is one of the most stylish tools you can find on the market which help you convert both thermal energy and daily electricity at the same time.

Beta.ray comes with a huge lens that successfully concentrates the heat of the sun into a single place, generating all the energy you need for your home. Even if it comes with a hefty price tag of around €6000 – €8000, depending on the model you want, Beta.ray is more than worth it in the long run, because the investment will more than pay off for itself in a few years time.

What’s interesting regarding Beta.ray is that it can either operate off the grid or you can connect it to your thermal and electric circuits that you already have in your home and use it as a supplement or backup. Another cool feature is that Beta.ray can be used at night as a large lamp that can immediately illuminate its current location.

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Despite its large size, the Beta.ray is easy to install and it offers a sturdy support frame that comes with all the necessary plugs you need in order to use it immediately.

Beta.ray comes with a very stylish design that will definitely impress anyone. Its round globe is successfully supplemented with the sturdy yet beautiful frame and they blend seamlessly into a sturdy package.

A smaller, portable version named Beta.ey was created as an iOS device charger. Combining 3 products in the form of a transparent ball lens that acts as a map in night time, a dual axis tracking unit and a concentrator photovoltaic unit, Beta.ey comes in 3 different shapes and sizes, suitable for one of more devices.

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With Beta.ray and Beta.ey, Rawlemon has created more than a construction of glass and water that helps increasing the energy output, it has brought a very unique device that looks great, yet which also brings out a lot of additional functions that recommend it as being a top of the line product for both mass and personal use. These products are one of a kind and they are definitely worth a purchase.

YouTube: Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator

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