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The gaming industry is booming like no other because elaborate virtual worlds with catchy themes and curious storylines that fuel our imaginations are always an excellent source of entertainment, education, and relaxation. Competition is fierce these days, companies are restlessly striving to maintain their mark on the market, and technology’s development has led to all manner of possibilities for them to enhance the overall gaming experience year after year. Nowadays, besides your computer and gaming console, you can just as easily play all manner of video games on your Android mobile phone, so if you are willing to know which one might suit your fancy, here are some top picks so far in the year 2016…

Dragon Quest VI

Probably one of the best gaming experiences out there, mainly because RPG (role-playing games) are packed with all sorts of side quests and missions which will help you garner better equipment and items. Dragon Quest VI features an amazing storyline full of plot twists and unexpected turns which will lead you through a multitude of fantastic worlds where you gather comrades in arms to fight off evil forces. There are many characters you can choose from, too, so this diversity guarantees hours and hours of entertainment.

Final Fantasy Tactics

This PlayStation title is a classic for over a decade, so it is no wonder why this game has also found its place on this list. Final Fantasy is without a doubt one of the best-selling RPG franchises in the world, so if you want to delve a little deeper in that surreal world of magic, Chocobos and Eidolons, than this is the game for you. This mobile phone version of a tactical Final Fantasy, however, has a strategic approach to the entire gaming experience, but a variety of characters, jobs and missions still preserves the essence of this timeless record-breaker.

Angry Birds Fight

This Android game has been at the top for years, which has led to the development of many fun spin-offs. Angry Birds Fight is one of them. Now, you don’t necessarily have to launch birds to smash the pigs, but instead you have to engage in combat to gain experience and enhance your weapons and armor. This is one of those attempts where Rovio actually mirrored those match-3/RPG games, and it has proven to be quite successful feat.

Need for Speed: No Limits

If you like speed on your Android phone, then NFS: No Limits is definitely something which will deliver you those intense, adrenaline races as you rush through all sorts of underground street racing circuits. The process is the same – you win races, gather money, tune up your cars’ performances, modify them to look good, too, and reach the top of the street racing world one stage at a time. Just put the pedal to the metal and let loose the nitro.

Poptropica Mythology Island

In this case, kids and adults alike will be using their brain, rather than the urge to vanquish an enemy or leave them seconds behind you as they cross the finish line. Poptropica Mythology Island is an educational arcade game used to entertainingly sharpen your wits, which happens in the philosophical era of ancient Greece with a few Roman interventions. Mighty Zeus needs a hero, so it is up to you to pass logical tasks, find crucial items, and learn something about myths in the process.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Finally, a sports game may usually be a no-brainer, but sometimes there is no better thing than to score goals and unwind. However, this game will also teach you about team management, so you will have a task ahead of you. You start with a limited stable of players and work your way up by winning games and earning points until you develop a dream team. FIFA officially licensed more than 10.000 players for this game, so if you are a football fanatic, this game is definitely something you’ll want to have installed on your Android.

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