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Style Consultant AI: Benefits and Risks of Using Echo Look

Most gadgets are firmly aimed at the male market. Sure phones come in rose gold and a few other feminine colors, but the software and specs usually focus on the male, why for example is settings always a gear or cog, and never a makeup brush? Or why does it need any orientation like that at all? Isn’t technology there for all of us?

Echo Look Standing Left Alexa Amazon Device Style Fashion Advisor Consultant AIAmazon’s Echo Look $199 wardrobe camera aims to bring the joy of Alexa to the fashionistas and style hobbyist users. Acting as a fashion advisor, style guide and likely a personal shopping assistant, the Echo Look features a smart camera with flash and smart focus, video capture and Alexa voice assistant to bring a new angle to those bad-angle selfies and Instagram pics alá #OOTD.

For the fashion conscious, it can provide a guide as to what looks best, as the tech giants look for new ways to  integrate themselves more deeply into our daily routine, Sitting on a shelf, the Look will be an active part of our fashion decision making, helping choose the most suitable outfit, and it won’t be long before it links to Amazon fashion pages to help expand a wardrobe.

Technology worries for the discerning customer

While Amazon’s AWS system, where any photos will be stored is well respected as secure and encrypted, there is still a security risk. Many people have seen their iCloud photos or images from their webcam or home monitor camera snapped illicitly. Efforts to hack Amazon accounts will probably soar, at the thought of a new source of skimpy or fashion pics, and whatever else people decide to film in their bedroom.

Echo Look App Alexa Clothin Ordering Style Check Looks Man Model Male Standing Posing Crop

Also, where Amazon leads, others will follow and you can be sure generic wardrobe cams from low-quality makers will not be so secure! But, on the positive side, hopefully, all the glossy articles about Echo Look will alert a new generation of users about the perils of cloud storage, password security and so on.

The Amazon Echo Look launches soon in the States. At this moment it is only available for customers who have received an invitation for it.

Amazon: Introducing Echo Look

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