Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous Online Chatting


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Everyone knows how convenient our messaging system today is. But somewhere out on the Internet are the infamous anonymous online chatting solutions. They give you access to talk to absolute strangers without sharing any personal information about yourself. No accounts, no pictures, no logs, just two strangers meeting for the first time. It’s not even a dating site, kind of thing.

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It’s a way to have fun, pass the time or make new friends. One of my favorite websites for these kinds of endeavors is Omegle, but there are a whole lot more of these out there. I’m sure a lot of you have used these once or twice, but for the people out there still curious or afraid of what lies ahead, here are four simple things to keep in mind when using these kinds of websites.

Don’t share your personal information

This is pretty basic and common sense to wary people on the web. Sharing personal information can put you in a tight situation. Sharing names is already critical, but exchanging pictures or postal addresses is a whole new level of information. You can never really trust anyone out there, but it still is your decision. I have no right to label anyone of anything. If ever you still want to talk to the person long-term without any ties to your personal life, I suggest you use websites like Chatzy or apps like Kik.

Prepare to meet some very weird people

A lot of people on these sites are quite… unique. I’m not generalizing the entire population of people having this as a hobby. I’m just putting this out there to warn you that you will encounter a few difficult people. If you ever get in a tight situation, don’t hesitate to leave the chat room immediately.

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Don’t allow it to consume your everyday life

Having conversations and doing something like a random video chat is very time-consuming and takes a lot of your attention. Make sure to take breaks and interact with the people around you. Having fun is alright, but go back to reality once in a while and give some time for yourself and your responsibilities. Don’t forget this. Stay happy and healthy!

Always be kind

Just because the people you are talking to are strangers doesn’t mean you have the right to be a prick to them. There are many people on the Internet that will try to hurt you, and you shouldn’t be one of them. Numerous people on these sites are usually lonely, and that’s exactly why they’re looking for someone to talk to. Be nice even if you don’t know these people.

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Communication is such a wonderful thing, and you can learn a lot by trying out sites like these. They aren’t just for boredom, dating, or whatsoever. I use these sites to write stories with strangers and keep my creative juices flowing. So, try them out and make sure to remember all the things above. If you have any other questions, you can always leave a comment down below. Have fun!

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Ela Denise Buendia
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