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Battlefield Hardline: Cops and Robbers on a New Level

ea-logo-electronic-arts-high-resolution-good-quality-large-black-whiteIn the gaming world, you can always find new and exciting games to play, but the Battlefield series has managed to make a name on its own thanks to the intense and very realistic war based gameplay. It seems however that DICE wants to try out something new and this is exactly how the Battlefield Hardline game was created.

The main idea behind Battlefield Hardline is very simple, the game has been designed with the sole purpose of providing you with a realistic depiction of the battle against the police forces and the thieves. It’s a very different game when compared to other similar titles that can be found out there, and it has a different, exciting gameplay.

battlefield-hardline-screenshots-BFH-Character-Render-Khai-WMThere are a multitude of game modes in Battlefield Hardline that you can choose to opt for at all times, and each one of them tends to be quite different. However, Battlefield Hardline does borrow the levolution mechanics from Battlefield 4 and it manages to enrich the concept. Still, the game does have it all, from high speed chases to exciting game modes that have the action focused on cooperation. Battlefield Hardline is quite similar to CS:GO and APB to some extent, but the main focus here is on realism, whereas CS is more of an action packed, arcade recreation. Instead, Battlefield Hardline is very realistic, an element borrowed from the Battlefield franchise.

It’s nice to see the introduction of some new concepts and elements to the series, such as tasers and handcuffs, as well as other interesting items. However, Battlefield Hardline still manages to up the ante and provide a very nice set of concepts that combine seamlessly in order to bring you an astounding experience. It’s a very nice, cool game with lots of unique elements that does stray quite a lot from the original franchise, yet at its core you can still find the massive Battlefield elements such as cooperation and large maps that we love so much.

YouTube: Battlefield Hardline: Official Launch Gameplay Trailer (with Music by Imagine Dragons)

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