Bachmann Creates Solutions for the Next Generation Office


The world is changing rapidly, and so are the workplaces. They are integrating business models that are dynamic, flexible, intelligent, and collaborative. Smart solutions are transforming businesses into a new generation.

Bachmann is playing its part in transforming the workplace with its Next Generation Offices products. They have developed flexible, modern, highly functional intelligent, and sophisticated systems. Their portfolio includes:


Bachmann’s MOV:E is a 230Wh lithium-ion power bank that gives you the freedom to work in new dimensions. The sleek and robust device has a 93% energy efficiency providing enough power to run common office devices.

MOV:E has Type-C and Type-A ports that support fast charging. This device also has a quiet and powerful fan to keep things cool.


iotspot is redefining the workspace by helping HR and facility management optimize office capacity and productivity. It ensures a smooth and efficient workspace by providing information about occupied and unoccupied rooms and desks. It creates a positive climate in the office while ensuring maximum productivity.

All of the information is accessed through a central mobile app. The accompanying intuitive app for iotspot keeps 100% transparency about utilization. Moreover, you can also extend occupancy and take early cancellations with just a single click. In addition, it also has power outlets, video, audio, USB, and networking ports to utilize IoT-supported hardware easily.

Independent Workplace

The Independent Workplace is a mobile and modular system that helps you achieve a flexible workspace. The autonomous system has a complete battery system that can run the workplace for an entire day.

It has a monitor, desk connection panel, monitor arm, dual HDMI distributor, DC power converter, battery pack, and a distribution dock. These components combine to form the ultimate Independent Workplace that maximizes flexibility and workspace organizations.

Independent Monitor

Independent Monitor is another leap into the next generation of offices. It is a battery-powered screen that is not connected to any wired connection. The 58″ display has excellent audio and great picture quality. It is an ideal device for meetings, conference rooms, and divided workspaces.

This autonomous and sustainable Independent Monitor has an excellent battery life and can be placed anywhere in the office. It promotes a collaborative approach that keeps the employees connected and promotes a friendly environment.

Wrapping up

With the changing work environment, it’s clear that people need smarter solutions that can help them become productive in any situation. Bachmann’s Next Generation Office products may just be a step towards that.

Photo credits: The feature image is symbolic and has been taken by Denis Ismagilov.

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Maqsood Ahmed Shaikh
Maqsood Ahmed Shaikh
Tech Journalist
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