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Axibo Media Announces Launch on Kickstarter

One of the goals of Axibo Media is to bring AI and machine learning into the photography/cinematography field. Now, they have revealed that they will release their namesake product targeted towards cinematographers and photographers in Kickstarter.

Axibo is a robotic 3-axis slider. It uses the image feed from your DSLR and Axibo’s in-built camera. Using these image feeds, Axibo can track, position, and take pictures as well as videos of the subject. It can do all of these in a push of a button from the app.

Sliding your way

One of the most amazing features is that Axibo can also be controlled using voice commands. The voice commands can be used to control motion as well as triggering and focus of your DSLR.

It is compatible with all camera brands including Sony, Nikon, Canon and even BlackMagic. Axibo has an HDMI input which uses the feed from your camera to do tracking. Even without it, Axibo is equipped with its own camera that can also be used for tracking.

This slider is built with carbon fiber, making it rigid and lightweight. It’s easy to set up the Axibo slider anywhere due to its double tripod mounts, not to mention the variety of mounting feet it has.

The core of Axibo is the robotic platform which consists of two joints that can smoothly pan and tilt the camera without any issues. The slider can support a maximum weight of 20lbs. It can also be used outside as it is dust and splash-proof.

All in all, this could not only be interesting in photography but it could also be a nice gadget for YouTubers and people producing reviews or unboxing videos. What do you think about that?

The Axibo will be launched on Kickstarter on September 15, 2019, and could retail from $599 to $1599. You can also answer their survey on the website and provide your email address to subscribe.

This guest article has been prepared by Paulina Castro.

YouTube: Welcome to Axibo Media

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Charley Pangus.

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