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AWS Partners With Slack to Deliver Innovative Workplace Solutions

Two major companies – Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon, and Slack Technologiesannounced their partnership to deliver innovative workplace solutions. The goal for this signed agreement is delivering tightly integrated, enterprise-grade tools.

Slack Calls will migrate to Amazon Chime

As part of the partnership, Slack confirmed that it will migrate its Slack Calls feature to Amazon Chime. Slack Calls is a feature that allows Slack users to make voice and video calls with each other. Meanwhile, Amazon Chime is AWS’s communication tool that allows users to meet, chat, and place business calls. In addition to this, AWS confirmed that it will use Slack to simplify the communication of its teams.

Slack will also use AWS’s global infrastructure to offer data residency options, by country or region, for enterprises that need to meet geography-specific compliance requirements. Plus, they confirmed that it will use AWS as its preferred cloud provider and will use a couple of AWS services. This includes storage, database, security, analytics, machine learning, and compute, in order to create new collaboration features.


AWS and Slack’s product integrations

This partnership is a huge deal for both AWS and Slack. Both companies agreed that the partnership will help Slack to strengthen its messaging solutions which will be combined with AWS’s proven infrastructure and security services.

Furthermore, they both said that they will extend product integration and interoperability. This would allow developers to manage their AWS resources in Slack channels and Amazon Chime chat rooms more easily. These integrations will include:

  • Migration of Slack’s audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities from Slack Calls to Amazon Chime SKD (software development kit). This will help eliminate Slack’s cost and complexity in maintaining its own communications infrastructure;
  • Integration of the AWS Chatbot feature into Slack. AWS Chatbot is a service that keeps development teams updated so they can respond more quickly to any events and workflows;
  • Integration of the Amazon AppFlow into Slack that will enable users to securely transfer data between AWS and Slack services. These services include simplifying tasks, analyzing trends in customer management, using Amazon Simple Storage Service, etc. In the upcoming months, AWS and Slack will enhance this integration and will enable users to transfer data bi-directionally.


Slack CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield, explained that this partnership will allow both companies to deliver innovative solutions that will meet customers’ demand. This will help teams to easily manage their projects with the integration of AWS services into the Slack platform.

Meanwhile, AWS CEO Andy Jassy said that both companies are giving development teams the ability to collaborate in an innovative and faster way. He added that the company is looking forward to work with Slack to expand the ways they can help their users.

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