Avegant Light Field Technology Brings Virtual Objects to Life


In 2017, startup Avegant, the creator of Avegant Glyph, now known as Avegant Video Headset, announced the availability of their light field technology that other companies can use in their augmented and mixed reality devices.

This marked the beginning of incorporation of this revolutionary technology for augmented and mixed reality into life, something you could previously see in sci-fi movies only. The light field technology brings virtual objects to life right in front of the viewer, enabling a natural experience of viewing and interacting with a virtual object in their immediate, real-world surrounding.

You can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology in various industries. You can use it whether you’re a designer, an engineer, a medical worker, or a corporate, you name it.

Everything you do becomes faster, simpler, more convenient.

Design, create, communicate with light field technology

From now on, designers can use the technology to work with visual models for developing and refining concepts. They can easily transform traditional 2D models and sketches into 3D objects visualized in the real world.

So if you’re a designer, just get yourself a light field headset, and start creating in a truly innovative and practical way.

As for engineers, the technology brings a new method for creating blueprints and schematics in collaboration with other team members and outside experts.

The technology is also suitable for organizations, small or large, who wish to design, refine, and share virtual objects with team members who are not there physically, having them work together on virtual buildings, 3D wireframes, and solid models instantly.

The light field tech is useful in the medical sector as well. Medical workers can directly interact with information on charts, medical devices, patients, etc. all while collaborating with each other, no matter where they are. They can diagnose, cure, visualize organs, body systems, and treatment options, combining them with real objects and information.

Another revolutionary thing is that they can now even plan and execute procedures with experts in the field who don’t even need to be there, instead of critical patients having to wait for them to become available.

The technology makes communication more practical and convenient, faster, increasing the efficiency of your team members, letting them do more work in less time, regardless of their geographical location.

The headset comes with a light field development kit, all complete with setup and support services, which helps your organization fully take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

Amazing! But how can I buy it?

As for selling this technology, the company has made it clear that they are not focused on individual consumers, but rather partnering with larger hardware makers. This is a very different approach than with their original product, Avegant Video Headset.

Vimeo: Telepresence with Avegant Light Field Technology

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Avegant.

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Sead Fadilpasic
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