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Today, more businesses use different software and SaaS every day for their day-to-day operations such as accounting, sales, CRM, and performance management. However, it takes time to master business software, and it can take up even more of the business’ time to ensure all the software works together seamlessly.

Unfortunately, not all software is created equal, and not all SaaS solutions integrate well together for the best business outcomes. To combat that problem, Andy Wingrave has created Connect My SaaS.

Automate and boost your business

Connect My SaaS is a brainchild of a UK-based company called Saastronomical. Launched last month, their product aims to help businesses and employees find the right solution for their needs, figure out the best ways to integrate their current suite of apps, and find new ones which can help them “automate their back-end and boost the productivity of their business.”

Given the huge amount of software and SaaS tools on the market today (whether you’re in sales, HR, legal, or marketing), it’s easy to see how organizations can get lost. And if they don’t integrate correctly, it can lead to administrative delays and frustration, potentially hindering the company’s digital transformation.

Application Finder

I can see the need for a solution that would support organizations in figuring out which apps they need and whether certain apps are right for them, given their existing suites, and Connect My SaaS seems to do just that. It offers a huge database of SaaS and integrations, sorted by corporate departments & industries.

For example, if you work in a company’s accounting department and want to find optimum expense management solutions, you can select “Finance” in the “Application Finder” section of the Connect My SaaS website and check the “Expense Management” box. You’ll then get a list of fintech and other applications, such as PEX, Timebeans, and Abacus.

Each app’s description clearly outlines which triggers and actions are available for customizing your workflow. For instance, the available Abacus actions are “Create Expense Field Tag,” “Invite a User,” and “Upload Receipt.” You can try out these actions on Zapier via Connect My SaaS.

Automation Station

Automation Station is another tool offered on Connect My SaaS. It allows you to find the best way to connect your apps. All you have to do is pick a “trigger” application and an “action” application.

I chose Airtable and Abacus as the respective applications to test the solution. I was pleased to see that connecting Airtable with Abacus in Connect My SaaS was possible, and I could see all the available triggers and actions of both apps. You can play around with the switches to see what’s possible with any two apps you choose.

As you can see, there are many apps and integrations out there. Connect My SaaS can make a genuine difference to organizations that want to make the most of them.

YouTube: Connect My Saas – Help Video

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Aleksandar Malivuk.

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