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ASUS Presents ROG Kunai Gamepad In CES 2020

In early January, ASUS took advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas to present various new products. One of those products was the ROG Kunai Gamepad, an accessory that came along with the ROG Phone II. Although the announcement for the gamepad was made just last year, it still made a great impression during CES 2020 and it was named as an Innovation Awards Honoree.

What to expect?

The ROG Kunai Gamepad has three detachable components that allow you to play your ROG Phone II however you want. These are ROG Kunai Bumper, ROG Kunai Controllers and ROG Kunai Holder.

ROG Kunai Gamepad

The bumper case is designed specifically to fit the ROG Phone II. You can slip your phone into it and connect your controllers on the sides to play it on the go. You can also place the controllers on the gamepad and connect them through Bluetooth or USB. These detachable parts let you play however you want to.

Aside from that, the holder has two extra triggers, five function buttons, and two grip buttons. Overall, it has 25 buttons which makes it a very customizable experience. The battery life is up to 8 hours for an uninterrupted game experience.

ROG Kunai Gamepad

In the market

The downside is that the bumper case is only compatible with the ROG phone II. Meanwhile, Razer also showed their gamepad – the Razer Kishi – on CES 2020. Unlike the Kunai, Kishi is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. Both gamepads are pretty cool and can really give each other a run for their money.

However, if you have a ROG Phone II, which is the ultimate gaming smartphone at the moment, then the ROG Kunai Gamepad is the one for you. Aside from its design, the customizable options are endless and you don’t need an app to set up preferences to it. The ROG Kunai Gamepad is available now at $149.99.

YouTube: The Awesome ROG Kunai Gamepad | ROG

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