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ASUS’ Gaming Laptop ROG GX800 Is a Bulky Piece of Awesome

asus-tek-logo-taiwan-taipeh-blue-large-high-quality-resolution-2000-px-versionEvery gamer such as myself knows how difficult it is to find a nice piece of hardware for all of our gaming needs, especially if we are talking laptops.

The processing system is usually slow, the memory isn’t big enough for the games I need,  it isn’t durable for my 24/7 gaming schedule, or it isn’t durable and heats up a few minutes into the game.

Fear not my fellow couch potatoes! From Taipei, Taiwan, ASUS is here to save our poor little gaming hearts with their ROG GX800.

Now how does ROG GX800 differ from all the other gaming laptops out there? It features Windows 10 Professional, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI for unmatched 4K UHD visuals, and a liquid-cooling dock for extreme overclocking of the graphics cards.


Their goal is to give us a feel of desktop gaming in the convenience of a laptop. It also has a MechTAG (Mechanical Tactile Advanced Gaming) keyboard that can withstand the rage within your fingers.

I think the biggest edge it has among all other gaming notebooks is the smooth visuals. They will provide you with the fastest frame rates as possible while providing you with the stunning images that give justice to the developers.

This laptop isn’t just beautiful outside but also on the inside. ROG GX800 features an updated version of their Hydro Overclocking System to cool the CPU and graphics cards. The Hydro Overclocking System ensures superior overclocking performance and helps to release the heat generated.


The coolant is pushed and dispersed around ROG GX800’s CPU and the two graphics cards. It then returns to the cooling module, where two radiators help to dissipate heat. An ROG-proprietary connection between the cooling module and ROG GX800 ensures that the coolant streams effortlessly amid the two without leaking.

Let’s see if it can live up to its expectations. Tell me what you think about this product! Would you buy it?

YouTube: ASUS ROG GX800 Hands On by FoneArena

Photo credit: ASUS

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