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ARROE: Portable Charger For All Your Devices

Modern technology makes it easier for us to work from anywhere at any time with different devices. However, these devices are also dependent on how long their battery would last without charging.

People struggle to charge their devices and would invest in bulky power banks. However, each device also has its own charger and battery life, and it can be difficult for one power bank to charge multiple devices all at once. Or is it? Luckily, a team of developers found innovation in the charging space and created ARROE.

ARROE Smart Charging System 3
Image: ARROE

ARROE is one interesting portable charging solution

ARROE was founded in 2016 and is run by a team that saw the need to provide a solution to millions of people that have issues powering their devices throughout the day, especially when working on the go. The team decided to provide them with something new and worked together to bring innovation to the charging space.

With that, ARROE created a smart, portable charging solution that allows you to charge all your devices in one place. It’s a charging system that comes with different ports and wireless charging, so your devices are ready to use whenever you need them.

ARROE team at IFA, Berlin (from left_ Eoin Cooney, Niall McGuinness, Randolph Manderstam)
From left: Eoin Cooney, Niall McGuinness, Randolph Manderstam (image: ARROE)

You can plug all your devices into this solution and they’ll be ready for use in a short time. ARROE can also be carried in luggage and bags, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

ARROE features for road-warriors and others

With ARROE can charge all major laptop brands such as Microsoft, ASUS, and Lenovo. The same applies to smartphones, so you can charge devices from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. It comes with super-fast charging features which allow you to charge 50% in 40 minutes. It also has an interchangeable battery system of 20,000mAh.

It is so simple and well-designed that you won’t even notice that it’s in your bag. The slim design and thoughtfully placed connectivity ports might make this gadget one of the best charging devices available on the market.

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Image: ARROE

On top of that, ARROE can be controlled via a mobile app where you can monitor the battery levels of your devices in one place. The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and it allows you to extend the lifespan of your devices with customized charging notifications and reminders. The app will also send you notifications and a summary of the devices that need to be charged.

Whether you need to charge a smartphone, laptop, headphones, or anything else, this solution has got you covered. Now, you won’t have to worry about not being able to go through the whole day with your device. This portable charger is currently available for $249.

YouTube: The ARROE Smart Charging System

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