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Apple Brings ‘Everyone Can Code’ to Stores Now

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Cupertino, US, November 26, 2018 — Marking Computer Science Education Week for the sixth year in a row, Apple brings Everyone Can Code to the stores across the world.

From the 1st of this month until the 14th, the free Hour of Code sessions will be available to people at all coding levels. For the first time ever, these sessions are available outside the US.

What’s ‘Everyone Can Code’?

The program was launched May last year in several USA colleges for the purpose of teaching students to code. Since then, it’s expanded across the country and made its way into Europe. It’s a part of Everyone Can Create – Apple’s multi-purpose project aimed to foster creativity and development. As stated by CEO Tim Cook, coding is an “essential skill for today’s workforce, and through Everyone Can Code, we <Apple> are giving people around the world the power to learn, write and teach coding”.

Free Today at Apple sessions give people at all skill levels the opportunity to learn to code.
“Free Today at Apple sessions give people at all skill levels the opportunity to learn to code.”

Everyone Can Code is based upon Swift, Apple’s programming language. It’s approachable but “powerful enough to write complex apps”, according to Apple VP Lisa Jackson. That’s what makes it perfect for younger learners and the success of the Swift Playgrounds speaks for itself.

The 12 Days of Coding

The free Hour of Code sessions hosted by Apple in the next two weeks include opportunities to attend Swift Playgrounds sessions as well as use other Apple tools to learn to code. This way of celebrating Computer Science Education Week perfectly aligns with Apple’s increased emphasis on providing opportunities to learn to everyone.

In addition to the Hour of Code sessions, Apple also created a guide to help the teachers to conduct coding sessions on their own, in their classroom. For that purpose, it’s also developed a Swift Coding Club Kit. The kit allows children to learn to code and to use these skills in their communities for empowerment.

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