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AMD Reveals Next-Generation "Ryzen" Processors

13-December, Austin – AMD’s new Zen core architecture technology is a big part of its push against the eternal rival, Intel. While you can find AMD’s parts in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and many mid-range lower-cost PCs, it fails to sell to the high end where Intel’s Core i7 CPUs dominate with bandwidth to spare.

For 2017’s round of chip sales, AMD is talking big with its new 14-nanometre Ryzen CPUs that offer extreme wattage sensors to tune performance at the millivolt and milliwatt range, with optimal voltage control and clock frequency management. If you have advanced water or other cooling systems, the chip will also take this into consideration and allow more aggressive operating modes.

The octa-core chips, running at 3.4GHz, will also act smarter, with AMD’s Neural Net Prediction using artificial intelligence to predict what future pathways through the silicon an application will take based on past runs, to improve future performance. That, along with smart prefetching, should see widespread applications or games get faster over time.

“The ‘Zen’ core at the heart of our Ryzen processors is the result of focused execution and thousands of engineering hours designing and delivering a next-level experience for high-end PC and workstation users,” said AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su. “Ryzen processors with SenseMI technology represent the bold and determined spirit of innovation that drives everything we do at AMD.”

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Alongside Ryzen is “Vega,” AMD’s new 4K graphics component, this can play the latest games at Ultra HD resolutions with all the bells and whistles running, although probably requires daily driver updates for users who are already having to update theirs whenever a new game arrives on the scene. Hopefully, both AMD and Nvidia will make this easier in future.

These new components were, of course, shown beating Intel’s products in limited and specific tests. However, the bigger company will likely have its product refresh for Kaby Lake processors sometime in 2017. The sad news is most PC gamers play on quite bog-standard HP or Dell systems with all these sexy systems the preserve of a shrinking niche of core gamers. With reducing sales and fewer upgrades, will AMD’s new chips sell in anything like the numbers the company needs to recoup its massive investment costs?

For all that power on display, there’s a webcast you can catch here showing benchmarks on the new technology.

YouTube: AMD Presents New Horizon

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Source: AMD press release

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