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Amazon Kindle E-Reader Destroys Stereotypes

For a few years, people have been battling about what’s better, ebooks or bounded books? They say that ebooks are far more convenient and helps save trees. The latter says that bounded books are good for your eyes and saves energy. But Kindle E-Reader is here to stop all of the arguments.

The Kindle E-Reader is said to be a bookworm’s new best friend. It combines the convenience of ebooks and the eye-friendly aspect of books. It looks just like a tablet but smaller, so you can hold it with one hand. It is specifically just for reading; you won’t get bothered by notifications, alerts, or alarms. No distractions and more than a million titles to choose from.

It’s a great way to feed your book-loving soul. Also, since it doesn’t have all the features of a typical smartphone—a full charge lasts weeks not hours. But the best thing about it? No glare. The Kindle E-Reader doesn’t have an LCD (liquid crystal display) that ruins our eyes and reflects sunlight. It uses real ink particles and makes it look like paper. But of course there’s a catch—you can’t read it in the dark—although I think that’s another good thing so you won’t let your eyes strain.

There are so much more features of the Kindle E-Reader that will get you itching to buy it. It is available on Amazon right now. So why not go check it out and see if it suits you?

Already have one? Tell me about the experience. Any other opinions on ebooks and bounded books? Tell me all about it in the comments below. You can also check out the pro’s and con’s review of an older version of the Amazon Kindle by Christopher Isak done here on TechAcute a while back.

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